Have you ever felt that you are gradually running short of ideas for your content marketing campaigns? You are not alone, many people in business have found themselves in similar situations. In this digital age, the importance of excellent content marketing strategies cannot be underrated. Great content is associated with more engaging social network platforms resulting in enhanced brand awareness, inquires, leads, and ultimately sales. However, consistently creating great content that is engaging to your visitors can be a difficult task. One needs to be very creative to do it.

With millions of websites already online, and many more coming live each day, the race to attract online traffic has gotten stiffer and stiffer. Every conceivable business niche has thousands of competitors vying for the same clientele. However, this fact shouldn’t be disheartening. Wondering why? Well, as much as there may be stiff competition online, there is also massive traffic from the billions of global users, all of them being potential clients waiting to be exploited. This means that there is enough traffic to provide clientele for all these online businesses. You just need a unique approach in the manner of attracting them to your specific business website.

Now, there are quite several common and effective strategies that people employ. These will surely earn you considerable traffic but, you can still get more through the less-popular means of marketing your content. When deployed together with the common ones, you can expect massive results! Let’s take a quick look at the 10 awesome content marketing techniques you likely didn’t know about or never explored;

  1. Blogging

Blogging is a very effective way to grab your customers’ attention. It will not only increase your search engine optimization levels, but it will also give your brand dominance, create enhanced customer relationships, and push more traffic to your website. Blogging has a way of helping you maintain connection and relevance to your audience. Without blogging, your website remains mostly obscure, lacking competitiveness. Engaging and informative blogs develop trust within your target audience and increases your brand’s credibility.

However, we are not just talking about regular blogging (because many website owners have them). Rather, the key element here is CONSTANT and FREQUENT ones as this increases the chances of your website getting discovered by your intended audience i.e. your online visibility and relevance. You should also occasionally engage the services of well-known and respected bloggers to guest post for you so that you can draw more attention to your website.

  1. E-books

One way to convey much-needed information about your brand to your visitors is by the use of e-books. Contrary to popular belief, an e-book does not necessarily have to be a lengthy novel. E-books that are short and precise are more effective than those whose contents are presented in a long and winding manner.  E-books are a splendid way of providing your visitors with interesting content to read. You should also include fascinating stats and reputable quotes to back up your claims with facts.

To ensure an effective e-book marketing strategy, simply hire a professional graphic designer to work on the visuals of your e-book and a professional content creator for high-quality and optimized content. This way, your chances of success become much higher. Offer e-books as a free sign-up incentive, therefore gaining more email contacts to your mailing list as many people are quick to jump on such incentives and freebies.

  1. Infographics

Infographics, which is the use of statistics and numerics, is an effective way to quickly put points across. It is another awesome yet not-so-popular way to market your content due to its ease of making facts understood. You should have them designed well, possibly incorporating creative visuals. It is vital that you first conduct thorough research to find correct figures relating to the story you want your infographics to tell. You wouldn’t want your site to be associated with questionable statistics and numbers. It would be ideal that you survey so that you can obtain the latest and updated facts. You can share it on social media, blogs, and communities.

  1. Diverse Social Media

In recent times, social media has emerged as a powerful marketing tool. This is mainly due to the large numbers of individuals who are active participants of various social media platforms. Social media is a perfect platform to showcase your content. You need to be strategic when making your social media posts, alternating between various diverse platforms instead of sticking to the traditional ones. Be on the lookout for the newer platforms, creating accounts with whatever new craze happens to be popular at any particular time.

Don’t just create a social media account and ditch it. You should also be very active, especially in communities that are relevant to your target customers! Initiating discussions is an excellent way of creating connections and engaging your customers. You can even partner with industry experts so that you create an engaging online chat. Due to the various popular social media platforms around, you should devise strategies to make the most effective use of each as these platforms are quite different.

  1. Web conferences

Occasionally hosting webinars has proved to go a long way in marketing brand content. You should invite reputable industry experts, potential customers, and regular clients to join you and engage in fascinating discussions about your brand. You can discuss your products, state of the industry, and allow a platform where your audience can ask questions and have them answered satisfactorily there and then. The secret behind a fruitful web conference is not in an instantaneous response during recording, the idea is to host a great webinar and post it on your blogs and social media accounts to reach a wider audience.

  1. Public Relations

Public Relations, popularly abbreviated as PR, is the practice of intentional management of the release and flow of information between an organization and its relevant stakeholders such as the general public. Having a great public relations strategy is critical in creating brand awareness. Publishing press releases and statements are an effective way of attracting much-needed attention to the latest developments at your brand or company. This could be developments concerning new products or services, partnerships, charity events, or even awards won. You can post your press releases and statements on PR websites, blogs, or send them to publications.

  1. Slideshare Presentations

Slideshare is a popular hosting service for professional content which includes infographics, documents, presentations, and so on. It is an excellent platform to market the content you create as it has upwards of 70 million users to date, which easily makes it the world’s largest content marketing platform. As its name suggests, Slideshare is usually used to exhibit presentations, however, you can also upload and share documents, webinars, infographics, and even videos relating to your content. Slideshare presentations are an efficacious method for content distribution and increasing brand awareness. You should keep a close watch on your Slideshare account for comments and the much-needed customer feedback to continuously improve your brand.

  1. Email marketing

One way to effectively market your brand and get more sales is by practicing email marketing. The main advantage of email marketing is the fact that you will be reaching out to an already engaged audience. Individuals who would have signed up for your emails are more likely to be interested in your brand or service. This results in a higher conversion rate. Of course, it is possible to send unsolicited email marketing messages, but this is annoying to customers and will ultimately bring your brand image into disrepute as you will be viewed as a spammer rather than a respectable brand. It is advised that you implement your email marketing strategy only to people who would have signed up for the service.

You would also like to be known as a brand that provides your contacts with useful content rather than just a series of sales patter. There is plenty of utile content that you can email your customers. It includes blog posts, e-books, competitions, event invites, and exclusives. To expand your contact list you can display several sign-up tabs on your website. You can also give your customers a ‘signing up’ incentives. When email marketing is one of your content marketing strategies, then you should try to respond to your clients’ inquires as much as possible. It will help you develop customer confidence and trust.

  1. Videos

No doubt, videos are one of the most engaging ways to connect with your audience. This is because the brain can process and memorize visuals far much quicker than texts. You can create your content marketing videos in the form of animations or simply have them screen recorded. Videos reach a greater audience as they build more brand credibility and encourage social shares. The best type of video you can use for your content marketing strategy is the use of explainer videos. In these, you should focus on your customers, the problems they face, and how your brand helps in solving those problems.

You should invest in the quality of your videos, this is what earns you the respect of being taken seriously by your potential clients. Your videos should also incorporate good graphics. This is what makes them interesting to watch. Dull videos will result in a poor conversion rate. Ensure that you post your videos on popular sites such as YouTube so that you gain a wider audience.

  1. Testimonials

The unfair thing in business is that sometimes people engage a brand on reference rather than skill. Just operating a competent brand or service on its own is not enough to get you more sales, you also need satisfied customers to refer their contacts to you. A positive word of mouth goes a long way in marketing your content. This is why it is important to have testimonials. They serve as a powerful tool to establish crucial brand confidence and trust.

Happy customers’ stories are an efficient way to build empathy with potential clients and convince them that they will get real value for their money if they deal with you. You should politely ask your customers to provide ratings for your service and feature their testimonials on your website. Testimonials are always a win for every serious brand because even if the feedback is negative, you will always learn from it so that you can improve your service next time.

These 10 should do wonders for your site’s traffic volumes. Remember, results can take a while to show so be patient and diligently persist with the efforts, they will surely pay off with time. Good luck!