With a new year comes new phases in the digital marketing world. People from around the world are constantly growing their presence on social media. From startups to big businesses, everyone needs a social presence to stay winning the game. With over 5 billion active users per day on social media alone, it is no wonder as to why the presence on these platforms is mandatory.

Let’s take Facebook, for instance, the way Facebook is retaining its audience is because they keep on developing and updating themselves to maintain the audience’s interest. Right now, the organization is working on developing its cryptocurrency for that matter, but that is another topic for some time. Likewise, other popular platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. have the same potential to grow your social presence by a long-shot. Well, in this blog we will be learning 10 ways to boost Social Media Marketing Services for one’s Business or Brand.

  • Setup & Optimize:

Setting up your social media page or profile is the first step. Start adding the name and description of what you have to offer. The description matters a lot when the name doesn’t, so it is a good way to optimize your description in regards to SEO. We should add keywords within, just so if anyone searches for you or your business, your social identity pops up along with the website. Taking Facebook, for example, add your Story, update the working hours and other important factors that comes with it. Optimize your social presence as much with authentic content which sounds enthusiastic as well as confident.

  • Content:

Content plays an important part in Social Media Marketing Services especially when it comes down to general optimizing and SEO. Adding keywords is a must for better Google rankings. We should try to indulge copywriting format within the content itself, that way we will attract far more audience than before. Think of copywriting as an encouraging pitch to convince the reader into going for what is written. Remember, this is not a sales pitch that you are bashing your readers with, but instead, write the benefits the reader will encounter once he or she performs what is written. This practice will take time to get hands-on but eventually, you will write in the way your audience thinks, and, to finish it off, adding a call to action is necessary. It is like leading your audience to nowhere, therefore adding your business website or services is the way to go for.

  • Graphics & Videos:

Vid and Graph

Equip your content with relevant and attractive graphics. Infographics are popular nowadays as they show percentages and numbers to the readers. The main purpose of graphics is to help simplify the content for a better understanding of the audience. Adding points or maybe converting your graphics into a carousel format (especially for Instagram) that will make lives easier. Let’s be honest, no one reads long descriptions if there is any, so take advantage of graphics to spread the word.

Moving onto videos, we can understand it is slightly time taking and a difficult process as compared to graphics. Statistically, around 70% of people use videos to promote their businesses for that matter. Why? Because videos have far more impact on the viewer than simple content or graphics. You can deliver the content in 10 seconds what would normally take around 30 seconds. With that said, it is not recommended to use videos for every post, that will simply take too much of the time, but, just to let you know to keep it in the posting schedule.

  • 30 Day Calendar:

With so many social media platforms, one has to develop a certain strategy, even for posting content. One of the ways to attain good social media marketing services for your business is to analyze the social platform for what it is best known for. For instance, Facebook is good for a little bit of everything, Instagram is best known for behind the scenes and casual content, LinkedIn is best known for keeping a business-oriented vibe, and the list goes on. It is mandatory to develop content related to what your platform is best known for. That way, the audience viewing our content would stay in contact.

A 30-day calendar is also good for keeping an update on your posting schedule. It acts as a management tool for social media alone, and so, the content or graphics or videos can be created for that matter. It is optimal to use this calendar for efficiency and time-saving. We can use Google to find templates for the concerned matter.

  • Invitation:

It is always a good sign to first build up a certain amount of profile or portfolio before inviting followers to your social presence. That way, if you jump the gun quickly and before posting stuff, your audience will fall back and would not be interested in you or what your business has to offer. Just like Facebook is promoting itself by evolving more services and new upgrades to maintain its audience and user engagement. The same will be applied to you or your business. We need to develop strategies to not only increase followers but to increase and maintain the engagement level.

Also to mention, we can also request our friends to invite their friends to follow us, that’s kind of PR works right? A good word of mouth always works if you are promoting positive content and have a good engaging portfolio.

  • Sharing:

ShareWell, sharing means promoting your business, and with social media marketing services, that is exactly what we are doing right? Apart from requesting your friends to share your content, we can join various groups and communities where our portfolio can speak for itself. Nothing gets changed overnight, but if one stays consistent long enough, there is always a good chance of getting what you or your business deserves.

Communities and groups are becoming popular with social media platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, have various groups related to your niche market. One thing to remember is that each group has its terms and conditions to follow. Some groups do not allow promotions but instead queries, etc. It is better to target specific people who have neutral reviews about what your business has to offer, so we can persuade them to be our customers.

  • Targeted Audience:

For every business or a person for that matter, there is always a dedicated set of audience who likes and follow the sort of content posted on behalf of your profile or business page. It is suggested to send out a survey to get to know what people want form you or your business, in regards to products or services. When provided with the results, it is suggested to create content concerning the survey results.

  • Marketing Ads:

Ads are a very efficient way to promote yourself or your business to gain more followers and build an audience in a short time. We suggest with Page Likes for Facebook, if that is a starting point. Gaining several likes is directly related to an increase in followers. With that said, we have to be very careful with the Ad policies each platform has to offer and the content that is being put out there. Secondly, we have to be careful when spending finances, after all that real money, so we need maximum followers at a minimum price. To do that, it is advised to take a broad approach to your audience in the beginning to gather a massive following, and once a reasonable amount has been reached, then we can narrow it down to a more targeted audience. That way, we will still have engagement and the audience itself will act as a second source of sharing to gain you more followers.

  • Unhappy Clients:

It is always a positive sign to find and approach unhappy clients of other businesses. Those people need the services you provide but had a bad experience. Use the skill of copywriting and convince them to trust you to solve their problems. Go on by offering them a freebie.

Other than that, approaching real-life clients is also a benefit to the business. A real one to one meeting with the client leaves a good impact, especially when you have the knowledge and know persuasion techniques. It is to be remembered that the client is unhappy, so a good amount of persuasion is needed because the first thing he will put down is the experience he had.

  • Follow Back:

For the clients to be intact, we have to follow them back for their feedback. This may be not as much part of social media marketing services but this is the stage where we can set ourselves apart from the rest. Secondly, the concerned stage is very optimal for getting your business to improve by receiving feedback.


Social Media Marketing Services are an optimal marketing strategy especially in 2020. With the audience growing every second on social media, it is nearly impossible to spread your businesses’ awareness globally without using social media platforms.