YouTube is one of the best platforms for those who are new to the digital marketing space and struggling to market their brands. They can promote their brand by making, editing and uploading videos to their YouTube channels that can be seen and shared with the world.

In the age of digital marketing, everybody tries to reach maximum potential customers to increase YouTube subscribers on YouTube channel. However, it has become difficult to increase your YouTube subscribers due to ever-rising competition in the digital marketing space.

To help you and many new entrepreneurs, described below are some effective ways to increase your subscribers on YouTube channel:

  1. Quality over quantity

One of the most effective and the best ways to increase your YouTube subscribers is to focus on the quality of videos that you upload on your YouTube channel. You may have some suggestions for focusing on quantity. But if you are uploading videos regularly without focusing on the quality, it wouldn’t leave much impact. So, deliver your best efforts for making high-quality videos.

  1. Add Watermark to your video

Adding a watermark to your video is a very effective hack to increase subscribers. You can add a watermark that will appear on top or bottom corners of your videos all the time. Adding a watermark of subscription makes easy for your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Watermarks give you the following options to make the best use of it:

  • Watermarks can be changed anytime. You can delete the old one and add a new watermark as per your requirement.
  • These watermarks can be used as your YouTube channel logo as well as the subscribe icon.
  1. Comment on Other YouTube Videos

Commenting on different YouTube videos is also a very simple method that helps you to increase your YouTube channel subscriptions. But it does not mean that you start commenting on every other video on YouTube to promote your channel. It will have a negative impact instead of increasing your YouTube subscriptions. You have to consider the following points while writing a comment on any YouTube video to make it effective:

  • Do not write direct comments like ‘watch my video’ etc.
  • Try to write a funny or interesting comment about the video that attracts other viewers to check your profile and channel.
  1. Introduce yourself

Uploading an introduction video on your YouTube channel works like magic. It acts like ‘about me’ page of your website that tells your visitors about the following:

  • It represents your brand and your videos.
  • The type of content you offer
  • The benefits of watching these videos
  1. Content for non-subscribers

Creating content for non-subscribers is probably the most effective and important method to increase the number of subscriptions. Most people neglect it and make their efforts for their existing viewers. But if you have a YouTube algorithm on your side and you can see new viewers with your every new video then you should consider creating content for the new crowd too.

As with every video, there would be some new viewers who are not aware of you, your channel and your brand identity. So, you should keep that in mind and take care of these points while creating any new video:

  • Try to mention your core message in every video so that new viewers can know that too.
  • Add a short intro of you and your channel
  • Make it engaging enough to make new viewers watch your video to the end and add links to your other videos at the end.
  • Do not forget to ask them to subscribe, turn on the notifications by clicking the bell icon and add a comment.

These points help you in getting more subscriptions and engagement.

  1. Offer Incentives per subscription

Offering incentives never fail. It always works like magic. Try to make an offer according to your targeted audience that they cannot refuse. You can offer giveaways for your viewers by asking them to like, share and subscribe to your YouTube channels. It is not only effective in increasing the number of subscriptions but also helps you to promote your channel.

  1. Make subscribing easy for viewers

Try to make your subscribing process easy for viewers. As if you have put your best efforts in making high quality, interesting video with an engaging thumbnail. But you have not worked on your subscription process then all your efforts are useless. You can make your subscription process easy by following ways:

  • Annotations can help you making your subscription easy as you can add a clickable subscription button on your video.
  • Encourage your viewers verbally to subscribe to your channel in your video as it acts as a direct connection with your viewers.
  • Describe your viewers regarding how they can subscribe to your channel in your videos
  1. Optimizing Descriptions

Create a search optimized description for your YouTube videos and make it easier for your viewers to find your content on YouTube, as that helps in increasing YouTube subscriptions. To help you in creating an optimized description, below are some points worth considering:

  • Try to add long-tail keywords in your YouTube video title and description
  • Try to use keywords with high search volumes
  • Try to use actionable words in your title and description.
  1. Enable Embedding

To increase your YouTube channel subscription and reach maximum people, you have to allow embedding. Allowing your videos to be Embedded means they are shareable by viewers. There are many advantages of allowing your videos to be embedded, some are mentioned here:

  • Your viewers can share your work with their circle through their blogs and social networking accounts
  • It opens new doors to attract the crowd and circle of your viewers too.

 Following steps are helpful to enable embedding:

Creator studioàadvanced settingsàdistribution settingsàallow embedding.

  1. Make use of thumbnails

All of you must have heard this at least once in your life that ‘The first impression is the last impression’. It increases the importance of the first impression and it is also very true for the first impression of your YouTube videos to increase the number of subscriptions to your channel.

Thumbnails are the first things that a viewer sees in a video so you have to be very creative while selecting a thumbnail for your YouTube video. Custom thumbnails can help you in that.

Select an attractive and informative thumbnail for your YouTube video that tells about your video otherwise, it would be selected randomly by YouTube.

You can either choose from three intervals (the ¼ mark, ½ mark and ¾ mark) whatever suits you best or you can go for customized thumbnail.

Bonus tip: you can also make use of annotations that let you add a CTA button or further detail in your video or thumbnail.

  1. Promote Your Channels on different platforms

Promoting your YouTube channel on different platforms is one of the easiest ways to increase your YouTube channel subscription.

Try to direct the traffic on your website and social networks to your YouTube channel to increase the number of subscriptions. To direct the traffic to your YouTube you can take the following actions:

  • Add an icon of YouTube to your social networks and website
  • Share your YouTube videos on your website and social accounts
  • Pop-up boxes can also be used for displaying your YouTube video
  • The automatic display of videos on the side of the website screen is also effective.

Bonus tip: many free online tools are available for making customized pop-up boxes.

  1. Playlists

People like user-friendly things. Playlists help your viewers to find videos by making it simpler and easier.

You can categorize your custom playlists as:

  • By subject
  • By popularity

This helps your viewers to go through your previous videos.

Above mentioned tips are very effective in helping you to manage your YouTube channels and to increase your YouTube channel subscription by creating and optimizing your content. If you need further assistance for YouTube Management Services, you can take services of Digital Acetech.