How to Create and Use a ‘Business Hashtag”


We’re living in an age powered by technology and social media. Search terms can bring nearly everything to the shore out of the extensive and broad ocean of the internet, the scope of results can vary depending on content’s keywords or hashtags. In social media marketing, using a trendy keyword or hashtag allows anyone to either become part of a worldwide trend or use a distinctive hashtag to stand out from the crowd. A hashtag consists of a hashmark (#) followed by a phrase with no spaces. Such minor element plays a strong role in connecting users to the latest

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What is a Digital Marketing Funnel and why does it matter?


With the rise of technology, the field of marketing has evolved into a convenient and accessible space. Where the concept of ‘Traditional Marketing’ sticks close to the conventional themes and ideals of the corporate world, ‘Digital Marketing’ has bent the rules to accommodate authenticity, creativity and customer satisfaction within the same sphere. There are still multiple traditional marketing approaches lying underneath the tech-savvy persona of online marketing, one of such tools include ‘The Marketing Funnel’. A digital marketing funnel consists of strategies extensively planned to generate leads, nurture customer experience and promote content circulation. The modern online marketing funnel differs

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