Why Targeted Audience Matters for your Product


Let’s imagine the following scenario: You are an entrepreneur and your business produces great products. You have the best team in the industry that helps you grow your business and you also have invested a lot in marketing, but even after all these efforts and investments, you are not getting your desired results. Well, you are not alone in this, but there are thousands of entrepreneurs who are facing the same issue. They are investing their valuable time, money and all other assets to something they could be proud of but sadly, they are not getting anything fruitful. Do you

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Top 8 Metrics to Choose for Email Marketing


Open Rate and click-through rates are the most common, popular yet important email marketing metrics that probably every marketer knows of, but these are not the only metrics to rely on for your email marketing. Email marketing metrics help you in the following things: It helps to determine the success of email marketing, whether your targeted goals are accomplished by email marketing or not. It also helps your marketing team to update their objects and targets. Considering these things, it is not enough just to understand email marketing metrics, but it is also significant to know, understand and make the

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Ways to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing


With the ever-increasing demand for social networks in this digital age, you must be well aware of social network trends and how to use them. The hashtag is one of the leading trends in the social world, but before we start our guide on how can you use hashtags for social media marketing, it is crucial to know about hashtags first. What are hashtags, what is the history of these hashtags? How does it go with Social media marketing? What is a hashtag? A hashtag can be defined as a short word or phrase with a hash sign or pound

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Why email marketing is important for your business


Virtually, every organization on the planet, nowadays, engages in some type of Email Marketing. It has been around for a long time, but even with the development of many other marketing channels like video marketing, social media marketing and other types of publicity, email marketing is still incomparable in its effectiveness. But here the question is ‘why is it so’? The answer is simple: everyone has at least one email account. Literally. Everyone you know and I know, and I am very sure about it because you can’t create an account on social networks, or simply sign up for anything

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How Oil Prices are Impacting the Global Economy for Businesses


Oil prices depend on trading that’s why it changes day by day, maneuvered by traders who bid on the future in the consumer market. There are two categories of traders. One is the representatives of the companies who use oil and others are the speculators, their main agenda is to make money when the price of the oil fluctuates. There are three factors use to determine the price of the oil. First is the current supply. From 1973 to onwards OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Companies) has the most percentage of oil exports in the world but on the

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12 ways to increase subscribers on YouTube


YouTube is one of the best platforms for those who are new to the digital marketing space and struggling to market their brands. They can promote their brand by making, editing and uploading videos to their YouTube channels that can be seen and shared with the world. In the age of digital marketing, everybody tries to reach maximum potential customers to increase YouTube subscribers on YouTube channel. However, it has become difficult to increase your YouTube subscribers due to ever-rising competition in the digital marketing space. To help you and many new entrepreneurs, described below are some effective ways to

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11 ways to measure your digital marketing success


Due to the ever-increasing demand and significance of websites in the journey of consumers, measuring your Digital Marketing Success has also become very important. This leads to high demand for finding some effective ways to measure digital marketing success and efficacy. This burden is shared by both digital media sellers and entrepreneurs/ marketers whose main focus is to maximize their ROI. There is one very old method of measuring digital marketing success by clicks, but that does not provide a complete picture of digital marketing success. Nowadays users have found many ways to reach their targeted websites without clicking on

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How to create professional B2B videos for YouTube?


In the ranking of search engines, YouTube is the second largest. You can use YouTube as a powerful tool for advertising efforts. According to research, 72% of B2B advertisers host their video content by using YouTube. To unbolt the maximum potential of Video content that has been hosted by YouTube, you can learn about the advantages and the best advertising tactics that are already available for industry heads to help their business. There are many learning opportunities for you that you can avail to make leads for your business in a more effective way. B2B video strategy can also be

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How to Manage Online Customer Service During a Pandemic


Brief about Pandemic During December 2019, the outbreak of Coronavirus hit China, and it begins from the city of Wuhan; it is the province of Hubei. COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus, causes this disease. With its origin from China during December last year, it has been spreading around the globe widely. An estimated amount of 116 countries of the world are affected by this disease.  During the short time of 3 months, it has turned into a terrible pandemic.  The situation in Italy, Iran, and Spain is terrible and getting severe day by day. US local health department is working with WH0 ministries

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How to Round-up Brands Using IGTV Brilliantly


IGTV (Instagram TV) is the latest sensation nowadays when it comes to attracting potential audiences on Instagram. Brands have finally started acknowledging its feasibility to promote their content in a detailed and authentic way. If you are a business owner, looking to make the best out of IGTV to promote your brand, this blog is just the thing for you! First things first, what is IGTV? It was first introduced by Instagram in June 2018, obviously, back then it was still in the learning phases. It is a fertile ground for testing, keep in mind the fact that only fewer

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