Have you ever experienced a high bounce rate on the blog of your company, because of some random reasons, despite the fact you do all the things that you thought are important to make your Blogs More Engaging? For example:

  • You regularly post high-quality content on your blog page
  • You use different metrics to track the success

For some reason, visitors usually spend less time on the page. Moreover, you may also experience that traffic on your blog does not help you increase your conversion rate.
According to research, the average time spent by almost 55% of visitors to read an article in 15 seconds or less. So, it means you have to focus on a bigger image that is reader engagement rather than just on a glimpse of the whole picture or on the visitors’ count.
For making your blog successful, it is crucial to improve the readers’ engagement. It is also very challenging for content writers to succeed. If you face any issue with readers engagement then do not panic, you are not alone in this. To help you with this, here are 6 ways to make your blogs more engaging.

  1. Know your audience and work accordingly

If you want to make your blog attractive, you must understand who is your audience. Many content creators skip this step as they consider it an obvious thing. But identifying your audience can benefit you in the following 2 ways:

  • It is easy for you to figure out what your audience wants to read
  • Find a place to post your content that is easily accessible to your audience

So, do you know your audience or have some doubts about it? If you have some doubts about your audience or even if you are sure about them you try asking the following questions to your readers so that you get a clear idea on how to work in the future:

  • What is your age?
  • What is your hometown?
  • What is your profession and what do you do for a living?
  • Where do you live to read the news?
  • What is your favorite social platform?
  • What is your favorite content type that you prefer? (blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.)
  • What topics do you recommend us to add?

Above mention, the question is perfect to start with especially if you want to make a good blog. These questions can help you in refining your content strategy so that you can cater to the needs and interests of your readers.

  1. Consider writing proven topics

Always write about those topics that you find interesting, as you can’t make your blog interesting if you select topics that you do not find interesting. But it still does not allow you to write about every that you find interesting. A good blog should always have the following:

  • Niche
  • Focus
  • A topic that drives results

Now check whether your blog contains all these or not but the question is how can you find it?
Google trends can help you with this.
It is quite simple all you have to do is take a keyword and with the help of top searches see the popularity of that particular keyword.
You can also use categories tool to search and find out what is trending and use those topics for your next blog.

  1. Write attractive headlines

No one can deny the importance of having headlines in your blog. It is also recommended to spend 80% of your content writing time to write a heading and spend only 20% of it to create other content.
There many online tools available that can help you with this. These tools can help you know the grade of your heading whether it is attractive enough to catch the attention of the visitor or not. These tools also show the length and character numbers of your title or heading. If your title or heading needs any improvement then this tool will also help you by giving you some suggestions. These tools are also helpful in providing information about other significant things like sentiment and keywords
So, using this information provided by an online tool, you can modify your heading accordingly and evaluate it again and again until you are satisfied with your score.

  1. Create and use consistent photographs and videos

Images are one of the most important factors for making your blog engaging. A blog containing captivating images helps you in the following ways:

  • It helps you to make your content more appealing
  • It enhances the readability of the blog post

As per general practice, usually, blogs are preferred to start with an image and followed by additional supporting images with a gap of 350 words content. If you are planning to add a video in your blog then make sure your video is in the above the fold, this helps your readers see your content right away. To make your blog look attractive you can use the followings:

  • Quote images
  • Drawings
  • Screenshots
  • Playlists
  • Animated gifs

It is always recommended to create your images, pictures, videos, and other infographics but if you are using images or pictures from other sources then you must have the right to use that content in your blog to avoid any copyright claims. Make sure you use content that is copyright free. Still, best-recommended thing is to create your content, it does not only save you from the hassle of copyright claims but it is also appreciated by Google. It gives you the following benefits:

  • It helps you get a better rank from the search engine optimization point of view
  • It also helps increase the engagement of your reader.

It is also important that you maintain consistency in your images and other infographics, and by consistency, it does not mean just to have the best quality images. As consistency in images helps your readers recognize your brand and feel connected.

  1. Streamline and Break Up the Text

As mentioned above, almost 55% of visitors only spend 15 seconds or even less to read a blog. So, you only have 15 seconds to attract or engage your visitors. Writing blocks of texts in your blog discourage your visitors from reading and engaging with your post.
Always make sure you write your blog in shorter digestible bites as digital readers prefer their information is to be precise and short. There are many online tools available that can help you to find the readability of your paragraphs.
You can make your content attractive by using the following things:

  • Headings
  • Lists
  • Adding colors
  • Adding text treatments

These things give a new life to your blog post. Using these things, you are making it easier for your readers or skimmers to read your blog or get an idea about your article. It is also recommended not to use filler text. Do not stay on a single point for too long as you do not want your audience to get bored, as if they get bored your bounce rate will increase.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

The Mobile experience is equally important in making your blog aesthetically pleasing as most people use their smartphones or other mobile devices like tablets to consume content. When you are targeting mobile readers than you should focus to provide maximum on-screen information without requiring the following:

  • Requiring users to swipe up
  • Requiring users to tap
  • Requiring users to leave the current page

Many blogging platforms offer you themes that are optimized for mobile devices as well. other than this you can also consider trying the following:

  • Create shorter headings so that users can scan them in one glance
  • Try streamlining your content
  • Use images that are smaller in size so that they do not take much time to load/appear when using a mobile device.