A new year has officially begun and it commenced the end of a powerful decade as well.  Moving into February, it is only fair that we take the chance to predict some of the most sustainable and effective Social Media Marketing Trends that are going to rule 2020. We will be counting down a bunch of useful tips for you to expand your online presence on social media platforms. All of these have been determined on the basis of their success rate over the past decade. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the most significant and influential social media marketing tactics every brand should use in 2020.

1- Short-term Content Matters
Any form of online presence only flourishes when it invests time, energy and consistency into its work. While on one hand, you need to maintain a level of consistency and regularity with several forms of content, you have to enhance and promote your marketing campaigns and short-term goals too. Limited-time offers and material available on social media networks can gain a higher level of popularity than long-term ones. They have the capacity to captivate people and hold their attention for a considerable amount of time due to the factor of novelty and temporariness.
Let’s take Instagram stories as an example; they are addictive to the point where people can’t resist moving from one clip to another because they know it will last for a short period of time. This piece of information can be strongly used by marketers for their own sake. Any momentary promotions or areas which need instant attention of people can be advertised through stories and similar stuff.

2- Pick your platform with your Niche
Let’s get one thing clear, all social media networks are not the same. Despite some similar features, their purposes are very distinct from each other. There are a total of 5 biggest platforms currently who are globally killing the social game; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube. All of these have their own strengths that can be used to create a sturdy and dependable business reputation. LinkedIn, for instance, can be extremely useful to build a powerful customer base and corporate structure. Instagram has a less casual vibe and can be used to express a brand’s creativity through helpful tools. Pinterest encapsulates and represents visual expressions far better than any other medium. So each of these has its own plus-point, and when combined together all these can result in a powerful marketing catalyst. With a defined set of objectives, one can have a much better perspective when looking for suitable channels and associated techniques.

3- Equip Your Strategy With a Plan
Before moving forward with any of your promotional routines, you must have an elaborate plan set on sight. Each activity you perform, each strategy you execute should be recorded in the form of a legible plan and schedule. Research and planning are the first two phases that need to be conducted and dealt with carefully. Together, these two will form the very grounds the foundation of your marketing goals is going to stand on. Lay them out carefully and wisely, so you are prepared to not only play but also win.

4- Video Marketing is influential
YouTube is currently the second-biggest platform after Google itself and has a large number of users. Video Marketing, tutorials, and ads have a better chance at online advertising than text-dominated formats where visual elements have a comparatively lesser impact. Engage your audiences and potential customers with appealing, relevant and useful video content for the betterment of your brand presence and online ranking simultaneously.

5- Influence of Influencers
If there is any social media trend that has gained popularity more than the rest, its sponsorship and influencers. Regardless of the platforms, every online creator needs support and exposure influencers and sponsorship can provide. Finding the most relevant personalities according to their specialty and leveraging their presence to advertise your brand is a hard trick and requires a thorough investigation. By cross-promoting, you will not only expose them to your followers but also enable your brand to be recognized by theirs as well. This is an effective and long-lasting manner to build social connections and establish credibility.

6- Regulation Check and Assurance
Over the last few years, social media networks have developed their platforms to be a safe space for everyone with a valid and mutually beneficial set of regulations. Policy updates have been revised to give a comprehensive and clear idea to the audiences about what they can and cannot post. The rigid terms and conditions will only prove to be a bother for those who prefer playing dirty. Hence, it gives sincere creators a chance to shine by filtering out spam promoting resources and only allowing secure material to be communicated to the audiences. If you manage to present yourself as a respectful and considerate brand, it would leave a positive beneficial impact on your reputation.

7- Creating Stellar Customer Service Experiences
With a direct and instant level of communication, social media networks can be used for more than just content distribution. Social proofs work faster when they are displayed through such channels. Customer loyalty can be ensured when a brand engages with its audiences through all means possible. Comments are the best form of social media-oriented feedback and reviews and can be used as dependable client testimonials. Social media takes customer service and retention to the next level with the ease of access and the features one can use to communicate with them.

8- Introduce Personalization
Personalized email and PR campaigns have been around for a while and their impact is undeniably positive. It is about time that their significance is integrated into social media networks as well. Social media ads can be personalized to compel one’s targeted audience. By bribing them with a factor of ‘exclusivity’, a brand introduces itself as sympathetic and insightful, directly leaving a good impression. Combine this with well-crafted content and you have got an impeccable force at your disposal. The data centers for social media platforms have become stronger than ever. Ads gather intel on their audiences’ tastes and pain points through preferences and clicks. Your whole feed can be personalized according to what kind of ads you click on or observe mostly.

9- Local Visibility besides global visibility
Before aiming to create a vast global outreach for your targeted or potential customers, a brand/business should always serve their local audiences first. Indulging one’s audiences with features like geo-tagging can be a very useful advertising tool. Adding locations to your posts can help your local customers locate you and affirm your reliability if your services are in accordance with their needs.
In the case of promoted social media content and campaigns, social media platforms specifically target and customize the locations one wishes to reach and advertise in.

10- Encourage User-generated Content
This strategy can be implemented for both small and big businesses. Allow users or customers by including them in your campaigns and submitting their relevant material to you directly. The presence of this inclusivity will establish your brand’s authority as word-of-mouth coming from your customers will mean a lot more than some million dollar campaign. It will help you build meaningful connections and refine your authentic approach hence contributing to your customer base.

11- Traffic Matters More than Likes
Lastly, having transparent objectives is a good thing but you should be able to improvise and adapt to whatever your strongest point is, by using it to your advantage. Contrary to popular belief, the importance of ‘likes’ is far lesser than evolving website traffic. All those ‘likes’ will be in vain if none of them have led to conversions, sales or leads. A brand can have a better chance at excelling if they treat social media networks as resources to research and connect rather than a competition.