The constantly evolving world of digital marketing experiences novelties in many shapes, sometimes they come in the form of inventive techniques and strategies and other times in the form of tools, gadgets, and software to further facilitate the online reputation and management of one’s business. Internet Marketing proves to be a complex term with a vast and extensive variety of features to leverage for marketers and business owners who are used to the traditional methods of advertising. The Internet can be intimidating for a lot of people, especially when it involves developing and maintaining a process for profitable activities. When it comes to managing a powerful reputation for your business, you’ve got to have some sort of proof of your brand’s authenticity earned through a reputable source, while this seems to be an advantage in real life for corporate structure, this becomes a necessity for online businesses. Consumers seek out validations of a business’s services and products by skimming over online reviews to make sure they won’t be wasting their money. The fear of the unknown is a considerable factor for online businesses, let’s convert this statement into a scenario: You’re a consumer looking to purchase a product from an online source, you would choose a brand you’ve heard of or have used before instead of wasting time exploring a brand which is not well-known or at least validated through a renowned online directory.
By assuming the above-stated situation, we will be able to confirm a widely-applicable buyer persona. It enables us to understand how a business can maximize its visibility on popular and preferred channels scattered over the internet. One of the best ways to establish brand authority and authenticity is to become a part of a well-known business directory. In this case, the directory we shall be focusing on is going to be “Better Business Bureau”. In this blog, we will unveil the purpose and benefits of using a legit business directory to create and control the stature of one’s business.
What is the Better Business Bureau?
As the name suggests, Better Business Bureau or BBB is a non-profit organization and business directory which validates the presence and authenticity of online businesses all over the U.S., Canada, and even Mexico. A business owner can verify their business depending upon their location with the help of their local BBB agent. BBB aims to provide a secure and trustworthy online marketplace where consumers can look for relevant services and businesses by using a reliable channel. By providing accreditation to online businesses in a fair and unbiased manner, BBB allows owners to not only validate their brand’s image but enables consumers to search for local services through a dependable source.
How BBB works
The official site for Better Business Bureau is In the top-right corner, a variety of options will appear allowing you to perform the desired action, you can choose the option of ‘Join/Apply’ to officially fill out a form, the business owner should fill out all the fields by themselves as most of them require official and confidential details about the company.
By specifying the area and nature of the service one’s looking to avail, a buyer can look for bonafide businesses. A thing to mention here is, only businesses with originality and genuine services can be accredited and recognized by Better Business Bureau so even before a client has availed any services amongst the listed businesses, they know they are in good hands.
After submitting all the information, your business is analyzed and if it’s found to be fulfilling the standards of Better Business Bureau, then you will be eligible to become a BBB member! and soon you shall be getting a confirmation call or email correspondence from your local BBB agent for your BBB accreditation. You will be getting an accreditation within two weeks along with the log-in details of your BBB portal. All the instructions to set-up and organize your BBB portal will be given to you in an official email. From there on, you can access your BBB portal and manage it accordingly.
Your clients and consumers can give you a rating on BBB ranging from a scale of A+ to F, depending upon their experience. Apart from that, you can extract advantages from BBB as well:

  • A Business accreditation seal that you can integrate on your site which will appear in the form of a label, depending upon the design and theme you choose
  • Business Benefits
  • Branding Materials etc.

How to file a complaint on BBB
Apart from leaving reviews, consumers are also encouraged to post complaints regarding unpleasant experiences they had with a business. By submitting the company’s information and details, the client can officially share their experience with the Bureau. The business will have 15-30 days to respond to the complaint and then a closing status will be assigned based on the conclusions. There is a major chance that the consumer will be getting compensation from the said company depending upon the nature of the experience.
Why does the Better Business Bureau matter?
At the beginning of the blog, we have already discussed the importance of business directories and their impact on consumers and their mentality.
Let’s step back and look at the bigger picture from the eyes of a business owner.
Imagine the possibilities of having a sturdy online reputation for your business. The world is busy and so are your targeted audiences, nobody has the time to confirm your services and availability through sources with physical existence, so people go to the next best thing, the internet. Your clients need to trust you to buy from you and what better way to build that connection than through a legit website with high standards.
Better Business Bureau allows you to set up your brand’s image in the easiest way possible. If you are endorsing authentic morals and core values for your business, the Better Business Bureau is the place for you. It is the largest platform and ensures that boundaries between buyers and owners are managed completely. Better Business Bureau encourages businesses to be true to their words and takes customer reviews and complaints seriously, so you would either have a reputable site to affirm your company’s identity or you can always improve your services through customer feedback, so it’s a win-win situation.