Top 8 Metrics to Choose for Email Marketing


Open Rate and click-through rates are the most common, popular yet important email marketing metrics that probably every marketer knows of, but these are not the only metrics to rely on for your email marketing. Email marketing metrics help you in the following things: It helps to determine the success of email marketing, whether your targeted goals are accomplished by email marketing or not. It also helps your marketing team to update their objects and targets. Considering these things, it is not enough just to understand email marketing metrics, but it is also significant to know, understand and make the

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Why email marketing is important for your business


Virtually, every organization on the planet, nowadays, engages in some type of Email Marketing. It has been around for a long time, but even with the development of many other marketing channels like video marketing, social media marketing and other types of publicity, email marketing is still incomparable in its effectiveness. But here the question is ‘why is it so’? The answer is simple: everyone has at least one email account. Literally. Everyone you know and I know, and I am very sure about it because you can’t create an account on social networks, or simply sign up for anything

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11 ways to measure your digital marketing success


Due to the ever-increasing demand and significance of websites in the journey of consumers, measuring your Digital Marketing Success has also become very important. This leads to high demand for finding some effective ways to measure digital marketing success and efficacy. This burden is shared by both digital media sellers and entrepreneurs/ marketers whose main focus is to maximize their ROI. There is one very old method of measuring digital marketing success by clicks, but that does not provide a complete picture of digital marketing success. Nowadays users have found many ways to reach their targeted websites without clicking on

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Best Social Media Marketing Strategies to use in 2020


A new year has officially begun and it commenced the end of a powerful decade as well.  Moving into February, it is only fair that we take the chance to predict some of the most sustainable and effective Social Media Marketing Trends that are going to rule 2020. We will be counting down a bunch of useful tips for you to expand your online presence on social media platforms. All of these have been determined on the basis of their success rate over the past decade. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the most significant and influential social media

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Types of Digital Marketing Every Marketer Should Know About


Are you overwhelmed by countless forms of digital marketing and wonder which one is the most effective? Are you looking for more innovative methods to market your brand, site, blog or business? Do you wonder which types of Digital Marketing have become “too old/outdated” to work and which are the absolute must-haves to stay ahead of the competition? In this blog, we will be counting down some of the most influential types of digital marketing and how they impact a marketing plan. We must begin with the most basic question like  “What is Digital Marketing and why does it matter

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