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How to get traffic through a short video?


Are you wondering how to increase the traffic on your social platforms? If yes, then this is a great guide. It can help you get the right amount of traffic on your social platforms and then be able to boost your overall brand performance. So let’s find out how to get traffic through a short video? A short video takes a brief period to create. This can help you in making a form of content that is shareable, mostly enjoyable, and much more interesting than pictures, text, or poll. This form of content is brief and interesting for the viewer, and for the creator, you can convey your message in a limited time, in a very understandable format. Not all viewers or audience members will have the time or energy to read about your work. You may be writing long-form articles, or sharing a lot of paragraphs of information on

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6 ways to make your blogs more engaging


Have you ever experienced a high bounce rate on the blog of your company, because of some random reasons, despite the fact you do all the things that you thought are important to make your Blogs More Engaging? For example: You regularly post high-quality content on your blog page You use different metrics to track the success For some reason, visitors usually spend less time on the page. Moreover, you may also experience that traffic on your blog does not help you increase your conversion rate. According to research, the average time spent by almost 55% of visitors to read an article in 15 seconds or less. So, it means you have to focus on a bigger image that is reader engagement rather than just on a glimpse of the whole picture or on the visitors' count. For making your blog successful, it is crucial to improve the readers' engagement.

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Why Targeted Audience Matters for your Product


Let’s imagine the following scenario: You are an entrepreneur and your business produces great products. You have the best team in the industry that helps you grow your business and you also have invested a lot in marketing, but even after all these efforts and investments, you are not getting your desired results. Well, you are not alone in this, but there are thousands of entrepreneurs who are facing the same issue. They are investing their valuable time, money and all other assets to something they could be proud of but sadly, they are not getting anything fruitful. Do you know why they do not get success? Lack of a defined target audience is the main reason for their failure. Keeping the importance of the targeted audience in mind, you must invest your precious time to research what type of audience you should target according to the requirements of your

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An elaborate guide to Google’s Panda and Penguin Algorithms


Google’s algorithms are mostly responsible for accessing, maintaining and presenting data as a result of search queries. With that being said, the next question one might ask is “Which algorithms determine the context of each form of content and the order in which everything is displayed?” Diving into the depths of that question will mean going through countless types of criteria and coding, but we will be concerned only with algorithms that regulate the quality of content being uploaded and the methods they apply to do so. Google has many influential algorithms, but today we will be shedding light on the infamous ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ algorithms only. The original release dates of these two are almost a year apart. Despite their friendly names, these two updates are powerful and impactful and play a huge role in deciding your ranking amongst SERP and more. In this blog post, we shall be

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How to Write Blogs People Will Instantly Read


Apart from working on popular and referred online advertising strategies, theres another aspect of marketing one needs to be focusing on, Content. In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, one has to indulge audiences with attention-grabbing and captivating content, no matter what format it possesses, it should be capable of holding a customers attention and persuading them to be associated with your brand. Content can come in a variety of shapes, however, one of the most powerful forms of content marketing proves to be Blogs. Blog writing can be a tricky skill to master but with our definitive guide that you have stumbled upon, you will be able to write appealing and engaging content. Deciding on the Subject After careful brainstorming and fruitful research, you should be able to select a topic you would like to write a blog on. By narrowing down the most relevant and interesting one,

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Types of Digital Marketing Every Marketer Should Know About


Are you overwhelmed by countless forms of digital marketing and wonder which one is the most effective? Are you looking for more innovative methods to market your brand, site, blog or business? Do you wonder which types of Digital Marketing have become “too old/outdated” to work and which are the absolute must-haves to stay ahead of the competition? In this blog, we will be counting down some of the most influential types of digital marketing and how they impact a marketing plan. We must begin with the most basic question like  “What is Digital Marketing and why does it matter to nearly every business, brand or blog in today’s world.” Let’s consider it from two perspectives, a brief one and a detailed one. Briefly: Digital Marketing is any internet-based and electronic marketing tactic to sell a product or service, and achieve other brand goals. Comprehensively: Digital marketing is leveraging the

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What To Expect When You Search For Best Search Engine Optimization Services Near Me


It is ironic to see how many searches are made for search engine optimization, SEO services, to boost the ranking of the website on Google. The reason may be that over 05 billion searches are made per day on Google search console alone. With that amount of searches made every day, it is understood that people will look for the Best Search Engine Optimization Services Near Me, local SEO Services or an SEO company for that matter. The importance of search engine optimization has become a necessity to be implemented into every website, so they can have a better chance of staggering themselves in the higher rankings of Google search console. So, what should we know about when it comes to search engine optimization? As said in the beginning, when building a website, it is essential to do search engine optimization for the website to be called an SEO optimized

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“Why’s” and “How’s” of Promoting your Blogs on Social Media Networks


Content Marketing is on the rise and with quality content promoted correctly and in the subtlest way possible, it is a valuable asset to not only improve your rankings but also to maximize your visibility with slow but steady strategies. Search Engine Optimization Services is not only applicable for search engines but also every link that is directly or indirectly connected to the internet and is noticed by Google’s Algorithms. Web Crawlers and Algorithms of Search engines can not only access your data but also determine its position amongst the search results by considering significant factors like Quality and relevance of the content you’re publishing on your website or through other digitally powered channels. Now you must be wondering about those “other channels”, what they are and how you can use them. The mediums or networks that we are referring to here are also known as Social media networking sites.

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Step Google Analytics Audit Guide


Google Analytics is one of the latest technologies that can take your website’s SEO to new levels but you need expert advice if you want to set up your account. Therefore we will discuss this 20 step guide to simplify your efforts in setting up Google Analytics for your website. You may not know it but you need to embed the Google Analytics code on your website before it starts displaying information about your page and website insights. You may be the owner of a simple static page or your website may consist of customer funnels or the website may have been built with Ajax technology coupled with iframes. Either way, you need to input some code for all the particular scenarios and edit some settings before Google Analytics starts working for your particular website. This Google analytics audit guide will inform you of all the twenty steps you need

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A Beginners Guide For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Getting a better search ranking is everyone's goal when it comes to digital marketing of their businesses or any website for that matter. Google has and is dominating the entire internet when it comes to search engines. It started back in 1998 and has now become a billion-dollar industry of its own. With over 02 billion searches made per day on Google search console alone, the amount of traffic being generated is massive, which is both beneficial for the end-user as well as websites. In this blog, we will find out how you can achieve better Google rankings for your business, and start maintaining that massive generated traffic on your website. There are some major steps we will be discussing within, so make sure to take notes. Search Engine Optimization: The term itself is very important and impacts the entire Google ranking structure. The concerned category is further broken down

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