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Digital Marketing made easy with Digital AceTech


If you have been struggling to promote your social media pages then you need a digital marketing & Internet Marketing engine. This means that instead of you trying to work on your pages in a hit and trial way, you can rather work on them in a structured and well-strategized manner. For this you are going to need an online marketing strategist who understands the digital world professionally. Trying to do it as per your experience as a regular user is not going to work. This is because digital media platforms work very differently for people than they work for organizations and pages. The challenge You see, that each social media platform’s audience is a part of their product that they sell to the marketers and businesses. Businesses head to social media to promote their brands. Brand marketing is what fuels social media. If you do not understand the working

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The top 10 Social Media Marketing tools for your business in 2020


We have put together a list of the top Social Media Marketing tools for your business in 2020. The power of social media marketing should not be underestimated by modern businesses. Many businesses thrive on social media much better than in the traditional retail sense. However, marketing on social media can be intimidating for starters. Here are some unique tools that can help you in building audiences, improving the quality of your content, and developing a better customer base than before. It is important to note that many social media platforms serve as a vanity effort. Finding the exact customers can be harder on social media as compared to other marketing methods. To make life easier and to help you stay patient we have included some useful social media marketing tools free of cost and ready to be used. Others have trial periods and some can be relevant to certain

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Things you need to know about Facebook marketing


As we all know about Facebook, it is not a new thing for us. Just like Facebook, it is pretty obvious that every business should have a Facebook presence and Facebook Marketing. Facebook has changed a lot of things in the marketing world. It is considered to be the largest social media network in the world that can do wonders in the marketing world, which we would never have thought of a decade ago, for example, Host 360-degree videos Sell products or services with the help of chatbots Serve as a news source for almost 66% of the adult population According to a survey, Facebook has almost 20% of the population of the world as its daily active users which are around 1.56 billion or you can say that 5 times the population of the United States and it is continuously increasing. This shows the importance of Facebook and why

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Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Marketing


In the past few years, there is a huge increase in the use of mobile phones and mobile devices due to which the importance of mobile app marketing has amplified. It is 2020 and people use smartphones for almost every little task from browsing things on the web. From taking pictures to texting people and calling someone and more, nothing is impossible with a smartphone. Mobile development and revolution event have covered smartwatches and glasses. For all kinds of communications in this modern era, mobile devices are considered a crucial avenue. Consequently, it has become a necessity for you to have a strong mobile app for your business. Irrespective of the fact that mobile marketing is quite new in the marketing world but due to some factors mobile app marketing plan has become a crucial component to achieve success in your niche. If you do not have a mobile app

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Reasons to use Quora to market your business


Who does not want to market his product/service or brand? You must find a balance between your inbound marketing strategies and other important tasks. As a marketer, there are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. You should put your efforts to do market research smartly and wisely. This is where Quora Marketing Service comes in to help you with your marketing strategies. Quora has great potential, if used properly, it can help you improve your marketing strategies and grow your business. Before getting into the details of why you should use Quora for your marketing plans, let’s understand what is Quora marketing and how to use Quora first: What is Quora marketing and How to use Quora? In simple words, Quora is a social community that supports and facilitates Q&As. The use of the Quora platform to market your products/services or brand is called Quora marketing. Quora was first

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Conduct Your Email Campaign With These 10 Easy Steps


Different marketing campaigns came and now there is no trace of these campaigns, for example, instant messages but this is not the case with Email Marketing Campaigns. Emails Campaigns are more like a forever thing as everyone has an email address. So, email marketing campaigns play a very vital and significant role in the accomplishment of your desired marketing goals. By using email marketing campaigns, you can have many opportunities to increase your audience and conversion rate as well. You can also enhance your revenue and get high ROI by using email marketing campaigns effectively. According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, to distribute and share content, about 93% of B2B advertisers prefer to use emails. And according to 40% of them, one of the important factors of the success of their content marketing campaigns is an email newsletter. Another worth-noticing thing about Email Marketing Strategy is

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How to generate traffic through YouTube Campaigns


More than a billion people are actively using YouTube every month. So, if you are thinking to generate traffic through YouTube campaigns, it is a very smart choice. As people watch videos of 150 million hours on YouTube daily. It is one of the most wide-ranging video networks in the universe where approximately 400 hours of videos are uploaded per minute. Moreover, in this digital age, people do not like to sit in one place to watch their shows on live television instead they prefer to watch their shows on video platforms. It is a very good start to use such platforms to increase your traffic and grow your business. You can target your audience on YouTube or other video platforms by using any one of the following options: Demographics Keywords Remarketing Interests But unluckily, you cannot increase your traffic by just uploading an ad or video on your channel.

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Top 8 Metrics to Choose for Email Marketing


Open Rate and click-through rates are the most common, popular yet important email marketing metrics that probably every marketer knows of, but these are not the only metrics to rely on for your email marketing. Email marketing metrics help you in the following things: It helps to determine the success of email marketing, whether your targeted goals are accomplished by email marketing or not. It also helps your marketing team to update their objects and targets. Considering these things, it is not enough just to understand email marketing metrics, but it is also significant to know, understand and make the best use of these email marketing metrics. So, here is a list of metrics along with CTR and Open Rates to help you choose for email marketing. Open Rates It is one of the oldest yet effective metrics for email marketing. In simple words, the Open Rate is the number

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Ways to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing


With the ever-increasing demand for social networks in this digital age, you must be well aware of social network trends and how to use them. The hashtag is one of the leading trends in the social world, but before we start our guide on how can you use hashtags for social media marketing, it is crucial to know about hashtags first. What are hashtags, what is the history of these hashtags? How does it go with Social media marketing? What is a hashtag? A hashtag can be defined as a short word or phrase with a hash sign or pound sign (#) in front of it. You can use digits, letters, and underscores in your social hashtags. In the age of social networks, you must have seen hashtags even if you are using only one social platform. Where did Hashtags come from: It was first started in 2007 by the

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Why email marketing is important for your business


Virtually, every organization on the planet, nowadays, engages in some type of Email Marketing. It has been around for a long time, but even with the development of many other marketing channels like video marketing, social media marketing and other types of publicity, email marketing is still incomparable in its effectiveness. But here the question is ‘why is it so’? The answer is simple: everyone has at least one email account. Literally. Everyone you know and I know, and I am very sure about it because you can’t create an account on social networks, or simply sign up for anything on the Internet, without giving an email address and verifying it. For that reason, even though no one seems to send emails to one another any longer, the fact remains that email is something we all deal with regularly, for updates, account management, and many other things. All authentic means

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