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How to Manage Online Customer Service During a Pandemic


Brief about Pandemic During December 2019, the outbreak of Coronavirus hit China, and it begins from the city of Wuhan; it is the province of Hubei. COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus, causes this disease. With its origin from China during December last year, it has been spreading around the globe widely. An estimated amount of 116 countries of the world are affected by this disease.  During the short time of 3 months, it has turned into a terrible pandemic.  The situation in Italy, Iran, and Spain is terrible and getting severe day by day. US local health department is working with WH0 ministries of health to control the critical condition of the outbreak. Many countries have declared an emergency due to this pandemic, as it is affecting the whole world in a very negative way. The outbreak is getting severe due to the spread of illness through travel and social interactions. How is

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What To Expect When You Search For Best Search Engine Optimization Services Near Me


It is ironic to see how many searches are made for search engine optimization, SEO services, to boost the ranking of the website on Google. The reason may be that over 05 billion searches are made per day on Google search console alone. With that amount of searches made every day, it is understood that people will look for the Best Search Engine Optimization Services Near Me, local SEO Services or an SEO company for that matter. The importance of search engine optimization has become a necessity to be implemented into every website, so they can have a better chance of staggering themselves in the higher rankings of Google search console. So, what should we know about when it comes to search engine optimization? As said in the beginning, when building a website, it is essential to do search engine optimization for the website to be called an SEO optimized

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The Importance of Market Research Analysis


With the constant state of evolution in the field of Digital Marketing, various tools and methods are used to appear distinct from one’s competitor. One of such popular tools includes a market research analysis. The aim is to create an appeal for your services through a detailed, self-explanatory research report which makes the customer feel as if they’re missing out on something vital that is capable of allowing them to outshine their contenders. After this blog you will confidently be able to identify the list of products or services customers are looking for, organize a range of your targeted audience. Also, this video will help you in collecting sales pages; leveraging various platforms on the internet e.g., Facebook, emails, google and Bing as well as many other platforms typically used for a great market research analysis report. Firstly state the reasons which explain why a creative and tech savvy market

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Influence of Social Media Marketing today


A catchy term like social media refers to the domination of the internet by today's trending platforms. For example, Instagram is designed to share photos, exchange messages, updates and to promote stuff. Facebook, on the other hand, is a full-on social networking site that allows photo/video sharing, updates, events and other variety of activities. PURPOSE Let’s face it, it’s 2019 and we all have, if not good, but relatively basic knowledge of social media and how they work. But, what if I told you that these platforms can be customized as per your requirements to promote your brand/business/awareness or simply make you famous! “Social media platforms are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world” We are pleased to tell you about social media marketing, but before that, what is Marketing?  - As quoted by Investopedia “Marketing refers to activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying or selling

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What is a Digital Marketing Funnel and why does it matter?


With the rise of technology, the field of marketing has evolved into a convenient and accessible space. Where the concept of ‘Traditional Marketing’ sticks close to the conventional themes and ideals of the corporate world, ‘Digital Marketing’ has bent the rules to accommodate authenticity, creativity and customer satisfaction within the same sphere. There are still multiple traditional marketing approaches lying underneath the tech-savvy persona of online marketing, one of such tools include ‘The Marketing Funnel’. A digital marketing funnel consists of strategies extensively planned to generate leads, nurture customer experience and promote content circulation. The modern online marketing funnel differs from the one used for traditional marketing because the information is accessible by the buyer in the post-purchase experience. An online marketing funnel consists of the following steps: 1- Awareness Introduce yourself to the market. Improving your brand’s image to attract attention by displaying unique and purposeful online content will

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