If you have been struggling to promote your social media pages then you need a digital marketing & Internet Marketing engine. This means that instead of you trying to work on your pages in a hit and trial way, you can rather work on them in a structured and well-strategized manner.

For this you are going to need an online marketing strategist who understands the digital world professionally. Trying to do it as per your experience as a regular user is not going to work. This is because digital media platforms work very differently for people than they work for organizations and pages.

The challenge

Challenge - Digital AceTechYou see, that each social media platform’s audience is a part of their product that they sell to the marketers and businesses. Businesses head to social media to promote their brands. Brand marketing is what fuels social media. If you do not understand the working of the platform and the functioning of the mediums then nothing will go right. You will worry and fail simultaneously with everything online meanwhile your online presence will be ineffective and inadequate.

Social media marketing can be overwhelming. It has to be perfect to work. You can not become an overnight success with a sudden hit. One campaign can not change your life in the real world. Whether it’s Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or WordPress. Every platform demands time, consistency, and a dash of professional skills.

Your options

Every good marketing agency has a blend of professionals dedicated to each platform. This equips them to be able to cater to every need of their client. The rules for every social media and digital marketing platforms vary. From character limits to graphical designs and dimensions to the kind of audiences found, everything is different.

What complicates this, even more, is that finding the right audience and the tools required on the back end for you are also difficult. This is why you will either need a know-it-all person on board to help you with each platform you are looking to get help with and then some or you will require the help of an agency.

The issue with a know-it-all is that they are never really as good as they think they are and that can be very problematic for your brand. You will get only one shot with your brand. Getting it right the first time in the first few campaigns is essential. If you lose this chance then not only you have lost your ad spend but also your first impression.

Although social media and even email marketing seem very fancy and alluring at first, it is not as rosy as it looks for marketers. In reality if you were to try and build an online presence on even one of the platforms, say Facebook, then you will have to go through a series of posts. After posting regularly for months you will be able to collect a small following. After the following is there you will then post different materials to keep them engaged, provide them value, and ensure that they are buying from you.

Most platforms including email automation, social media, and blogs also have penalty systems in place. You may be in contempt of their rules as per their needs. For example, you may be posting too much, or too explicitly. Even if you may think you are doing everything right your ads may not work. For example, if you are using the Facebook ads manager, you may be following every step on the portal, but the ad still may have no reach at all.

The hidden reason behind this could be anything out of a million choices. And that can be very difficult to navigate on your own. You will be left with wonder on your hands. Could it be the image that is not working out? Could it be the fonts? The text? The page itself?

On the other hand, heading to a professional can save you from all of their adjustment time. A professional will know what to do when to do it, and how to do it. Sure, they may not know your brand as you do. But, that is your job to help them get acquainted. They will know the world of online marketing and that is what matters the most. A professional can be brought in house, or you can outsource the services with ease.

Here’s how outsourcing helps a business:

  • It saves time
  • It saves energy
  • It makes it all better and optimized
  • There is expert knowledge involved

Can you outsource right away?

All you need to be able to outsource digital marketing services is to fill out a few questionnaires. This means that if you are willing to share the best attributes about your brand, your dreams for its future, and the kind of goals you have with someone with expert knowledge, then you are sorted. Then you are ready to head on to the next level of digital or online marketing.

How does this work:

If you are wondering how social media marketing works, then here’s how. A team of people will start devising the right strategy for your brand. They will begin working on ideas, your brand persona, a content planner, and some content to begin posting. If you do not have your valuable presence on any of the potent platforms that you should, then they will also set you up for that.

No one this base is ready and there has been content ideation to and fro between you and them, they will begin posting. The posting is one of the most critical parts. It has to be right. The posts have to be perfect and the agency will do so after testing out a few versions of the content.

They will establish the desired audience over a smaller time frame than if you were to do it on your own. Then they will be able to get you the kind of reach and audience you need to promote your product.

Who should outsource the marketing services for their business?

Many entrepreneurs think that they do not need to hire an outsourced digital marketing service if they are a small business or if they are already bootstrapping. This is where they are wrong.

Small businesses are intimate and that is why they require social media the most. They thrive in the right kind of online presence that only a seasoned digital media company can help them acquire. Media marketing can shape up the small business and convert it into a brand. It can give it a persona and feel. This will be able to boost sales, improve the image of the brand, and help people know more about it.

If you are bootstrapping your business then you should remember two important things.

  1. Investing in professionals can save your money
    This means that you have no money to waste. You should only invest it in the right place and the right place is not you or your children trying to make sense of the complicated and nuanced world of social media. You must invest it where it will yield precise results in a fraction of the time.
  2. Investing in professionals can help you break even sooner
    Secondly, investing in professionals is essential because that is where the revenue is going to flow in. Social media marketing is becoming one of the largest lead generation platforms for all local, conventional, and digital businesses.

Whether or not you sell online, you can leverage your audiences to buy more from you. At the bootstrapping stage one of the key needs is the ability to raise more clients and thus more contribution to the capital as well as the operating expenses.

If you can raise this money through sales then the best part is that you have not lost any part of your equity or through shares. Your business is still yours and you have only hired an entire agency to help you work through a meaningful resource.

What to do next?

Social media marketing, websites, SEM, LCA, etc can be very rewarding. This is something we, at Digital Acetech understand to our core. We love this virtual world where actual businesses thrive. If you love it too and you want a little bit of steering towards your goals then why not collaborate on this adventure with us. Come, join hands with us and let’s help your business grow from nothing to everything you have ever wanted with a few steps, and a short period.

We make digital marketing easy through the help of three valuable principles:What Make - Digital AceTech

  • Consistency
  • Creativity
  • Experience

Message for small business owners:

While as a business owner you may not have a history of posting savage stories, memes, and posts on social media, but we do. You may think that tutorials are a good enough place to start looking towards a higher brand future online, but we make those tutorials. We already know what goes into them and maybe even a little more than that. If you want to capitalize on that then be our guest and let’s get you embarked on this wonderful online marketing journey!