In the past few years, there is a huge increase in the use of mobile phones and mobile devices due to which the importance of mobile app marketing has amplified. It is 2020 and people use smartphones for almost every little task from browsing things on the web. From taking pictures to texting people and calling someone and more, nothing is impossible with a smartphone. Mobile development and revolution event have covered smartwatches and glasses. For all kinds of communications in this modern era, mobile devices are considered a crucial avenue. Consequently, it has become a necessity for you to have a strong mobile app for your business.

Irrespective of the fact that mobile marketing is quite new in the marketing world but due to some factors mobile app marketing plan has become a crucial component to achieve success in your niche. If you do not have a mobile app marketing service then it is going to be quite difficult for you to survive in the global market.

With this change in the marketing world, many business and organizations have developed their apps and joined the race without even understanding and knowing about mobile app marketing tools and strategies. But they do not realize that just developing a mobile app is not enough as there are more than 5,00,000 mobile apps already available in different stores. So, there is a lot of competition and due to which they usually do not get the required results. In these conditions, the best solution is to learn some methods and tips to make your mobile app marketing successful and effective.

Following is the list of dos and don’ts that you need to know for successful mobile app marketing.

Do’s of mobile app marketing:

  • Must create a home page or landing page

No matter, whether you have a mobile app or not, you must have a home page or landing page. Mobile apps are indeed a great source of sales and leads but you cannot ignore the importance of having a landing page or a website. So, it is imperative for your mobile app as well that you must have a website or landing page that is dedicated to your mobile app as the website homepage is more like a landing page for your mobile app.

To understand the importance of having a website or a landing page, let’s take an example.

If you have advertised your business through your app and someone hears about it or finds it in some online store, there is a possibility that they will google it too. Now your website will provide you a chance to increase your sales in a more effective way.

  • Figure out who you are targeting with your app

Whatever the case is you can never underestimate the importance of knowing your target audience. Mobile app marketing is no exception. You must know who is your target crowd. To know your crowd, you must have answers to the following questions:

  • Are you targeting children or adults? Male or female? Students or employees?
  • What do they like to do?
  • What is your app offering to them?
  • Is your app entertaining or time-saving?

It is not smart to think that you are targeting everyone with your app. Your app may suit a wide range of audiences but you must target the people for whom your app is ideal. Try to target those people effectively.

  • Optimize your app for App stores

If you have your mobile app then you want to submit your app to all the app stores like Google Playstore, Apple store, etc. But before submitting your app make sure your app is optimized and appealing enough to catch the attention of users. Play with your text carefully as you have some limits. While playing with your texts take care of these points:

  • Name: The first thing about your app that interacts with users is the name of your app. It has to be unique, catchy, and easy to understand so that users can pronounce it easily.
  • Description: After the name, write a one-line brief but comprehensive description of your app to explain what your app does.
  • Keywords: Keywords play a vital role as your potential customers can find you through these keywords. So, be careful and think about what keywords your customers will use to search.
  • Graphics: It is also important that you add some clear, appealing pictures and a demo video to tell your audience about your app in a more interesting way.
  • Take care of Third-Party App Stores as well

If you want to have a successful mobile app marketing then try considering all the app stores, do not limit your chances by considering only a few app stores like Google playstore or Apple store only. There are many online directories and app stores to try. For example:

  • AppBrain
  • Mobango

Don’ts of mobile app marketing:

  • Don’t neglect your competition

It is never considered as a smart approach to ignore competitors in your market. So, it is always recommended to take a quick look before starting anything to check what your competitors are doing. It is always great to have a mobile app but it is even better to check your competitors first so that you know what extra features you need in case your competitors have a mobile app as well.

And for marketing purposes, take a look at your competitors again to see what marketing strategies they are using to market their apps? How they are doing their descriptions and graphics? Do they use a landing page or a website to market their app? For getting new and inspiring ideas, it is better to investigate your competitors but do not copy their ideas just take the idea and implement it in your unique way.

  • Don’t underestimate the user Feedback

After launching your mobile app, the first few reviews are very important as you wait for them nervously. It is very encouraging to see positive reviews but do not lose your hope if you see any negative feedback. Do not ignore them as they tell you your shortcomings and give you a chance to improve your app.

So, you must positively take these reviews and update your app accordingly.

  • Don’t ignore Marketing Plan

Developing a mobile app is never effective if you do not have a marketing plan to market your app and brand as well. People will not come just because you have an app, you must have a marketing plan in advance to make your app work the way you want it to. To have a successful marketing plan, do ask the following:

  • What is the marketing budget?
  • Where are you going to market your app?
  • Who are you targeting with your marketing?
  • Don’t forget to optimize the experience

Customer experience plays a crucial role. People do not like to sit in front of their computers even laptops. Nowadays, mobile devices are capable of so many computing powers that facilitate people in many ways. Now they do not have to stick to their computers anymore as they can do almost all their tasks on their mobile device even mobile devices facilitate them to open their emails. With evolution and development, traditional marketing efforts have become sophisticated and compelling so your mobile marketing efforts should match those of traditional marketing efforts.

For example, if you send a marketing email to advertise to your app and brand. Try to use a shorter image and one-line description or in short try to make it mobile-friendly. If your marketing emails are not optimized for mobiles, this may irritate your client.