Due to the influence of powerful imagery and videography, the innovation of artificial intelligence, the use of virtual reality and also different chatbots, it is perceived that Email is somehow long ago story and might not be coming back to its prime location.
Yet, if you think email is dead, you’re kind of missing the real patterns of marketing. What remains, in reality, is that Email marketing is still strong today and perhaps the best marketing strategy so forth.
What is the evidence for that?
If we observe annual the statistics for email marketing the results point towards it being the most influential marketing technique, leaving SEO, social media platforms or other marketing techniques behind. Sounds pretty unbelievable right?
Now the question you might be asking yourself is a big “why?” Why on earth is such a medieval technique known to be the best out of all marketing strategies?
The answer simply lies with the fact that people use email more than any other platform. After all, what is the purpose of marketing if the audience targeted is not there at all?
Though, the data from 2017 highlights that the majority of people on email are adult internet users and increased up to 85%.
This aforementioned fact states that Email Marketing beats out the search engine by 15% and the social media by 22%- unlike small numbers in an industry that gets overwhelmed over the single-digit conversion rate- which is an important part of Digital Marketing.
Hence, it is pivotal for the success of digital marketing that email marketing must be a priority for businesses. Though, a great number of entrepreneurs are unaware of how to do it properly.
Now you will be learning how to begin your email marketing campaign from the baseline that corresponds in with their expectations.
There is no hard and fast rule for this- it’s all about what works best for you and your company’s style and objectives.

Never forget that you are a Guest in their Inbox.

People often get irritated and frustrated by the different forms of interruptions, pitches, and even advertisements everywhere they look. You might
think that your email is special, yet there is a high possibility that they might consider it in the same way as others. Thereby, it is necessary to remember where you are right now and use your etiquette for better engagement and results.
Getting into the inbox is as similar as being invited for dinner to someone’s house. Thereby, if they ask you to take off your shoes, you politely and respectfully need to do it.
The following are some of the most useful tips to craft the campaigns:
-Your objective: What you want to achieve with it?
-The Timing: it will highlight how often it is sent and received. Moreover, email is always available whenever a user wants to see it but usually, it is viewed after it has been sent. The better your timing will be, the higher will be the chances of users opening them.
-The email should be readable and inviting on multiple screens with a tremendous design
The following are the fundamental factors for a successful email marketing campaign:

  • List Building

Firstly, for a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have a good list. In the old days, you could simply get a list and spam several people with your message. Some of the experts suggested that cold messaging might not work. It will work better if you purchase a list of likely buyers. As list buying was an art in those days and a lot of money was paid in those days to guide businesses on which the list purchases were high returns. On the other hand, the selling lists kept a lot of specialty magazines in business which provided a unique form of access to a more highly targeted audience.

  • Strong Content

As we know that just like everything in marketing, the message matters the most!
– Make your content more appealing via images or text, and a little humor.
-Don’t make your email personalized in any way as it should be for every reader.
-Don’t waste time and attention of your readers; get straight to the point.

  • The Timing

You don’t want to overload your readers at all by sending too many emails, yet you want to use your email marketing to build loyalty and a great Timingamount of engagement with your targeted audience. It is important that your practice the balance between the two.
The fundamental factor is to send emails when you have something worth saying to the audience.

  • Use of Analytics

Digital Marketing provides a plethora of different metrics that might guide every form of marketing decision. Keep an eye out for the following metrics:
-The use of subscriber data which includes new subscribers and unsubscribers.
-Do show the performance of your email form by setting up goals in Google Analytics.
-The campaign performance will show the amount of clicks, openings of email page and if you’ve installed tracking codes and different goal accomplishments as their patterns in the campaigns.

  • Make it mobile-friendliness

Creating your content mobile-friendly is a core part of successful email marketing. Buffer reports that 47% of emails are opened on mobile phones. Here is their suggestion for making your content easier for mobile users:
-Make conversion of your email to one column template
-Enhance the font size for advanced readability on phones especially the smartphones
-Don’t forget to follow iOS guideline of buttons approximately of at least 44 pixels wide by 44 pixels tall
-Create the Call to action too obvious and also make it easy for them to use.
-Make it more tappable as many users scroll down with their thumb.

  • Customer Focus

Whenever you see in the current environment where it has shown that anyone who receives fifty to sixty emails per day from different companies or corporations doing sales through emails, it means they have been successful in their goal accomplishment.
The following are a few tips that make you grow your business faster and make your email more targeted and customer-centric:

  1. It should be as concise and precise as it can be. We usually are concentrated on the fact that our products might get sold through emails, which included a lot of different strategies and complexities. This aforementioned prospect causes the user to open the email at least, though, it will only cause to lessen your rate for the response. Make sure your opening must be through a very compelling statement, which then is followed by other important descriptive points, then the targeted points must be the part of the email.
  2. Your message must be encouraging and compelling. Do not use the most generalized terms or language to sway the customer’s attention, rather be bold and straightforward in compelling him towards your prospects and ideals of marketing. Make sure that you make it so compelling in a way that the user must read more and click the action button at the bottom. The aforementioned actions only require analytics knowledge and understanding of your targeted audience.
  3. Ensure that CTA must be specific. The entire objective of the email is to get as many clicks on the ‘subscribe’ button at the bottom of the email page. Make sure and understand that once they click, what are the prospects the audiences are going to get and white papers are not so compelling at all.
  4. When it comes to a landing page, it must be informative. This section requires that you add and pour more information about the services and products you are selling. Indeed, people are there to spend as much time upon this landing page and you can provide them the best prospect in it.
  5. Follow up on your emails in 24 hours. Many experts determined that the value degenerates itself after the response of 48hrs, yet a recurring contact is important to accomplish the most optimal outcomes and results. You need to create a process that is inevitably benefiting you in tracking the landing page, clicks, and openings of the emails; and also requires technology to track down the activity on a landing page, so we might give a follow-up call for their specified interests.


If you think that Email marketing is something that you can afford to forget when initiating your marketing strategies, then it is the biggest mistake you could make. One must understand that Email Marketing is vital for your prospects. If you want to reach out to your targeted audience, then it is the process to reach and synchronize their interests with your alignment of marketing prospects.
Today, this form of marketing is giving the most highly returns to the advertisers for it is generating leads and new customers through which their marketing value is increasing and expanding day by day.
Just remember, you are the guest in their inboxes. Hence, treat them with respect, dignity, honor and great value for it just need one click to sway away from their interest from your sales and prospects forever. Just remain in contact and create follow-ups so that the motives of your marketing can be accomplished easily.