We’re living in an age powered by technology and social media. Search terms can bring nearly everything to the shore out of the extensive and broad ocean of the internet, the scope of results can vary depending on content’s keywords or hashtags. In social media marketing, using a trendy keyword or hashtag allows anyone to either become part of a worldwide trend or use a distinctive hashtag to stand out from the crowd.
A hashtag consists of a hashmark (#) followed by a phrase with no spaces. Such minor element plays a strong role in connecting users to the latest trends and events around the world. The idea of using hashtags to promote or advertise a business sounds complex, but it really is quite simple. Here are five steps for creating and deploying your own business hashtag.
1 – Research
Relevance is the key to selecting a hashtag for your business. Analyze hashtags being used by the competitors and observe their audience’s responses and reactions. After gathering intel, go for a hashtag that hasn’t been claimed by another brand yet.
2 – Keep them brief
Use ideas which are short and easy to remember for a hashtag. Standing out from your competitors is a power move, so choose a hashtag that encapsulates the motives of your company clearly. Brevity and simplicity will do the job just as fine.blog2_3
3- Make it Catchy
Novelty is not the only thing you will need to get a reaction from your audience. Make your hashtag catchy, funny, or interesting by either presenting your services with a twist or by using a clever wordplay.
4- Aim for Consistency
Build a sturdy online reputation for your business by delivering your brand information and benefits. Use a bold, smart, and appropriate hashtag that best represents your product. Integrating your business name within a hashtag is a guaranteed ticket towards success.
5- Use and analyze
Your search has finally come to a temporary end, and it’s time to take the leap of faith by attaching your content to the chosen hashtag. Publish your posts and observe the feedback you receive. If faced with appreciation, stick to the hashtag and populate your feed with it until it becomes one of your most vital marketing symbols.  In case of negative criticism or confusion among the audience, repeat the cycle to generate a new hashtag.