In the ranking of search engines, YouTube is the second largest. You can use YouTube as a powerful tool for advertising efforts. According to research, 72% of B2B advertisers host their video content by using YouTube. To unbolt the maximum potential of Video content that has been hosted by YouTube, you can learn about the advantages and the best advertising tactics that are already available for industry heads to help their business.

There are many learning opportunities for you that you can avail to make leads for your business in a more effective way. B2B video strategy can also be used to improve the online video content of your organization. So, instead of investing your time and efforts in making B2B videos just for views and leads, take the following steps to get higher search rankings. These will not only help you on how to make professional and high-quality B2B videos for YouTube but also increase your sales and conversions.

Set your goal

For any task, setting the goals is of prime importance. You must be clear about your goals for creating a B2B video before you start investing your time and energy into it. So, ask yourself the following questions before start creating your B2B video for YouTube:

  • What do you want your B2B social video to achieve?
  • What crowd are you targeting with your video?
  • What would be the type of your B2B video?
  • What message do you want to convey through your video?
  • What would you do to achieve the objective of your video?
  • What would be the length of your video?
  • What product or personality would be featured in your video?
  • What equipment would you need to create your video?

Get the Right Equipment for Your Videos

One of the prime reasons why brands and different organizations are reluctant to create professional B2B videos for YouTube is that they do not want to spend their money on buying fancy and expensive gadgets for video marketing. They think a high-quality professional B2B video can only be created using these expensive and fancy tools, but this is not true.

Having impressive and unique content that is genuine and relevant is what matters the most, irrespective of whether you have an expensive gadget or not. With these qualities, you can create a B2B video for YouTube that will increase your search rankings and sales using merely a cell phone.

In this age of digital marketing, B2B YouTube advertising is a very competitive space. So, after setting your goals and objectives for your video, next you have to take care of the right equipment for creating high-quality videos. You can add the following necessary, easy to use and financially feasible equipment to your basic list of video tools that you would need to make professional B2B videos for YouTube:

  • Camera or smartphone equipped with HD camera
  • Tripod stand
  • Lighting
  • Microphone
  • Editing software for pictures and videos

Optimize Your Title, Tags, and Video Description

Once you have set your goals for your video, you are also done with creating your video and its editing and you are ready to upload it. As you start uploading your video, the first thing that you have to encounter is to fill up the following things.

  • Video title
  • Video tags
  • Video descriptions

These things are of prime importance especially when it comes to the search engines. These play a significant role whenever people make searches. So, it is an essential task to think about video titles, tags, descriptions, and keywords.

Video Title for YouTube

Limit of writing an attractive and compelling title is of 100 characters, so you must make the best use of these character limits. An attractive and compelling video title should meet the following requirements:

  • It should be optimized for search engines as well as humans
  • It should be tempting enough to make your guests watch your video
  • It should be displaying the nature of the video

Video Description for YouTube

The length limit to write a YouTube video description is up to 5000 characters. That is a very space limit and you can make the best use of this character limit by following these helpful guidelines to write YouTube video description:

  • You have to be extra careful about writing the first three lines of your YouTube video description as the search engine algorithms are going to use these three lines for creating search engine results. Also, these first three lines are readable without any effort or click to ‘show more’ in your YouTube video description. So, you should write your video description in such a way that it tells about your video content and increases your sales.
  • You must add a focused keyword in the first three lines of the YouTube video description.
  • Also, do not forget to add a URL link of the webpage to your video description of YouTube that people can visit after watching it.

YouTube Video Tags

Length Limit for video tags of YouTube is up to 30 characters and a total of 500 characters can be added to the tag section of YouTube videos. YouTube video tags are categorized into following types that you can add in the tag section of YouTube videos:

  • You can use your focused keyword as a video-tag
  • LSI keywords can also be used as a video-tag
  • Any word can be used as a video tag that tells about the video content.
  • Tags related to specific brands
  • Channel tags can also be used as video tags

Make Use of External Links

Annotations are also very useful in the video. Annotations are text boxes that pop up on your video screens when you play the video. You can use these annotations (clickable) as a slide in a call to action (CTA) so that your viewers can take the required action. Most of the people think that these CTA buttons or annotations can only be used for commenting or linking to some other video in their YouTube. These annotations help you to direct your YouTube traffic to your website by linking. These annotations help business owners by converting viewers on an offer and viewers by helping them with additional tips in your blog posts or videos.

To make the best use of these annotations, here are some tips to use these annotations:

  • You do not want your viewers to get annoyed and stop watching your video because of these pop-up annotations. So, be careful while placing these annotations as your main focus is your video.
  • You also have to be careful about these annotations popping up. Downtime in your video should be utilized for these links to show up so that viewers can focus on these pop-up links without missing anything from your video.
  • These pop-up annotations can also be used as a comment to links that you add while filming.

Using these pop-up annotations help you to attract viewers by your creativity and professionalism.

YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube thumbnail is not a thing to neglect as it is of great importance. It plays a decisive role in selecting your YouTube video. Considering the importance of YouTube thumbnails, you should take care of following points while choosing a thumbnail for your B2B YouTube video:

  • Thumbnails should be of good quality
  • Thumbnails of your video should be compelling enough to make visitors watch your video.
  • You can use a large text or a face as the thumbnail of your video that tells about the type of video.

Also, there are a lot of templates available online to help you create and publish thumbnails if you do not have any idea of creating a great and attractive thumbnail.