More than a billion people are actively using YouTube every month. So, if you are thinking to generate traffic through YouTube campaigns, it is a very smart choice. As people watch videos of 150 million hours on YouTube daily. It is one of the most wide-ranging video networks in the universe where approximately 400 hours of videos are uploaded per minute.

Moreover, in this digital age, people do not like to sit in one place to watch their shows on live television instead they prefer to watch their shows on video platforms. It is a very good start to use such platforms to increase your traffic and grow your business. You can target your audience on YouTube or other video platforms by using any one of the following options:

  • Demographics
  • Keywords
  • Remarketing
  • Interests

But unluckily, you cannot increase your traffic by just uploading an ad or video on your channel. You have to do your homework on YouTube ad strategy to generate traffic through YouTube campaigns. So, you must take care of your every step from targeting your audience to publishing ads to your channel as these steps decide how effective your ad strategy is.

So, in this article, there is a complete guide to show you how you can generate traffic through YouTube ad campaigns, follow this guide and make your YouTube ad campaigns work like magic.

  • Target your audience

It will be very hard for you to generate traffic through YouTube ad campaigns especially if you do not know who you are targeting. If you create a video ad without knowing who is your targeted audience then everyone can see your ad campaign and it will not serve the purpose for which you have created it in the first place. The money and time wasted on this could have utilized for something other productive.

You can create buyer personas, detailed audience profiles, containing all the details including demographics, buying behaviors, and much more. You also have to cover who, how, what, where and why to avoid any chance of mistake.

There are many techniques that you can adopt to collect information about your audience.

  • You can use email services to send them a survey or questionnaire especially designed as per your requirements.
  • You can also research your competitors in your industry to check their targeted market and audience
  • You can also take advantage of social accounts and search some old questions that people have asked in your industry.
  • Choose the objective of your YouTube Ad Campaign

Once you know your targeted audience, next you will create your campaign. It is quite easy, all you have to do is to go to Google Ads dashboard, there would be a Campaign tab, click on the + button and then New Campaign.

For creating several campaign types, YouTube gives you several options to determine which type of ads campaigns you can run on YouTube, which placements are available and much more. Following are some options for YouTube ad campaign, choose one of them based on your campaign objective:

  • If you want to generate traffic and conversions from your YouTube ad campaigns then leads and website traffic is the best option for you.
  • If you want to generate comprehensive brand awareness and present your product in front of a larger audience then go for Product and Brand Consideration.
  • For generating brand buzz and to include more options for different ad types, the best option is Brand Awareness and Reach.

After selecting the objective for your ad campaigns, there are some campaigns types available for that objective. For campaign type, choose video and once you are done, click continue.

  • Choose your YouTube ad campaign format

There are many types of video ad campaigns that are available on YouTube for your ease. Each of them targets different goals for marketing and advertising. You can say that there is a video ad campaign format available for every marketer. All you have to do is to figure out which YouTube video ad campaign format best match with your goals and objective. Some of the most important YouTube video ad campaigns are mentioned below:

  • In-Search

This type of ad campaign is used for sponsored content and video content relevant to the YouTube Search.

This working of these type of YouTube ad campaign format is similar to that of Google’s; Their results are based on keywords. When a user types a keyword into the search bar of YouTube, and advertisers bid on the keyword terms. This is the easiest ad campaign as it is the least competitive.

These can only direct the traffic to the YouTube channel of your company or any link to watch some other video. They cannot be used to direct traffic to your website or any other URL link as these ad campaigns have a static frame.

  • In-Stream

This is considered to be the most famous type of ad campaign, because these ad campaign formats allow you to control who you want to target by adjusting the following three or mixture of these three.

  • Demographics
  • Categories
  • Interests

These ad campaigns usually show up at the start of the video that a user wants to watch. These video ad campaigns are usually skippable after 5 seconds, but you can make the best out of these 5 seconds. Also, you do not have to pay if a user skips your video ad after 5 seconds.

These type of video ads exist to direct the traffic to you, your company home page or any other URL link and it is considered to be the most successful type of YouTube ads in 2020.

  • In-display

You can decide whom you are targeting in an in-display just like you do in an in-stream one. In-display ads videos show up as a recommendation for the next video to play with other related videos on YouTube.

These types of ad campaign formats are used to direct traffic only to a page to watch some video or YouTube channel of your company just like in-search.

  • Bumper

These types of ads are usually un-skippable and very short in length (6 seconds or even shorter). These types of ad campaigns are usually used to target mobile users because they are very short and best for those who watch a lot of content at a quick rate.

  • Create engaging ads for YouTube

When you are done with selecting a format for your YouTube ad campaigns then next you have to concentrate on making a captivating and interesting content for your video ads. It should be engaging enough to make your viewer do what you wanted them to do. Your content will make your viewers check your advertisement only if you create content considering the interests of your target market.

Here are some tips that you can follow to create an engaging content to compel your audience to take the desired action or click:

  • To see what works best in your ads, apply the A/B test on different parts of your ads.
  • The first few seconds of your ad campaign are very important as they captivate your audience the most.
  • To drive user engagement, use interactive elements of YouTube like CTAs.
  • Try to come up with the best content that you have to show your viewers.

YouTube ad campaigns are one of the best ways to generate traffic and increase conversion rates. All you have to do is to properly execute it. If you have not used YouTube ad campaigns to generate traffic and grow your business, your missing your chance. Follow these steps and start taking advantage of your YouTube campaigns and if you need any help you can contact Digital Acetech.