Are you wondering how to increase the traffic on your social platforms? If yes, then this is a great guide. It can help you get the right amount of traffic on your social platforms and then be able to boost your overall brand performance.

So let’s find out how to get traffic through a short video? A short video takes a brief period to create. This can help you in making a form of content that is shareable, mostly enjoyable, and much more interesting than pictures, text, or poll. This form of content is brief and interesting for the viewer, and for the creator, you can convey your message in a limited time, in a very understandable format.

Not all viewers or audience members will have the time or energy to read about your work. You may be writing long-form articles, or sharing a lot of paragraphs of information on your social media as picture descriptions, but if your audience is not used to reading, it will not care. A video can be a good exercise. You can post one regularly. This can help you in getting a greater volume of information in a much more impressive and understandable format forward.

Providing value to the user:

If your video provides value to the end-user, then it will also be likely that they share it with those who will like it as well. This is an organic way to spread the reach of your content around. Although the pre-requisite of the video that you share has to be that it is high quality and engaging.

Getting traffic through a short video is one of the best ways to market your product online. Before the world of Digital Marketing, this concept was unfathomable. How could people share videos with the audiences on a budget? That too on a mass scale! This development presents you with newer opportunities, these can allow you to scale your audience and spread your message across.

Facebook marketing

A short video is also a great tool for Facebook marketing. This is because according to Facebook’s new algorithm unless you are posting video content, your visibility will decline. This is their effort to promote their video platform along with the social media platform. The video-sharing on Facebook will be short and brief. You will need to invest less time, and get greater results from this.

Viewers have an attention span of 3-10 seconds. While advertising agencies across the world aim to create videos of 7-8 seconds you can get away with more. Remember when you are new at content creation you will find it difficult to keep it short. This is why for Facebook Marketing you may be tempted to post an entire webinar or a podcast and in a lot of ways that will be a terrible idea. Such a mistake can push the traffic off and reduce the shares or likes of your content.

Remember to keep things short and precise on Facebook. Other platforms to allow quirky, short content to be posted. This means that you must be able to share content that adds to the people’s lives, is easy to comprehend, and takes less time. Longer or overdrawn material is a big no-no for any content platform. Especially Facebook.

Key Tip about Video Sharing on Facebook

Another thing to remember about Facebook is that it is one of the oldest and most saturated social media platforms. While that is great for finding larger audiences, it is also the one with the most competition. To beat the competition and drive traffic to your page a video can be a lifesaver.

Overall Social media marketing

A video can also be good for an overall Social Media Marketing campaign on all platforms because you can engage people through it. Every platform allows videos. With Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat you will be able to boost your brand and provide the audience the media they crave about the way things work. You can easily glorify your products, show off your brand, and build a massive reach by sharing unique videos regularly.

Imagine you are going through your profile on LinkedIn. The feed is boring and mostly articles or job posts regarding changes in people’s careers. Now you suddenly find an interesting share from a friend. It is an informative or interesting video. You play it, like it or comment on it and then it shows on your profile under activity. Every time someone opens your profile they will stumble on the video. This is just a simple example on a digital media platform that is otherwise dry and not as rich with content as compared to Facebook or Youtube.

Facebook ad campaigns

A short video can also be the best way to make up the most out of a Facebook ad campaign. This is because through a video add you have unlimited opportunities. You can share the best parts of your content briefly and concisely in the most popular format and Voila! You have found yourself the best form of ads!

Thinking out of the box is key. If you make a generic ad or video, then it may be not as beneficial. But, as long as you pair good quality content with a video format and place it in front of your target audience, then you will have a successful campaign.

SEO marketing

If your video solves a problem that people Google a lot, then you can be in luck. This is because by posting it and getting a good number of views on it will become eternally rewarding for your brand. If your video is ranked on a Google how to question or FAQ’s section, then you will gain unknown, new visitors each day depending on the search query and its frequency or popularity among people. A video can thus be a great tool for SEO marketing.

Social bookmarking Sites

Another great way to promote your website, social webpage, or even just a piece of content is taking it to the Social Bookmarking Sites. You should be able to promote your content to Pinterest, Pocket, and even Flipboard. If you need to use a little help or tweaking to suit the platform then you should do it. A little investment here can redirect many many people to your desired web page for a long period.

Social media optimization

Another great way to promote your social pages is through the delivery of social media optimized content. A Youtube Video can not be suitable for being uploaded to another platform. You might not be able to embed a video all the time. The video format may not be a suitable choice for email marketing. Every platform has its own do’s or doesn’t. If you need to generate good quality content then you also need to make this in an optimized way.

Choosing the right platform

If you want to increase the traffic on your social platforms, website, or any webpage, then a video is essential. By propagating your video on a means like Whatsapp or other messaging platforms you can add to the reach as well. However, the reach is not always equal to successful traffic, especially not in this case.

No optimization or poor optimization levels will lead you nowhere. And the traffic will not come if you are stuck in nowhere. So, in a nutshell, you should always remember these three things:

  1. The video will be successful if it adds value to the life of the viewer. If it delivers a message that is needed, then it is great. If the message is vague, poorly articulated, or messed up in any way, your video will not perform well and the consequences can even be negative.
  2. The video has to be available on the right channel and marketed to the right platform. If you are a Business-to-business or a B2B then you may find it rather useless to post content to a certain platform. If your audience is not available on a platform then even an active presence can not help you as much.
  3. Optimizing the video or any content for the chosen platform is essential. If you are saying the right things to the right person but the message is not delivered effectively, then you will lose the purpose. Communication will be inadequate or incomplete if you miss out on any link to making it perfect.


To get good results out of your video you must share it on the right platform, with a good amount of optimization. You must also make sure that the message is crisp, clear, and allows the users to either share or like your video. Their impressions will also allow the platform to improve your visibility and give you a better ad average each time.

The key that will unlock the next level of marketing is consistency. If you can consistently post short videos, then the results will be much better.

You may even get a competitive advantage in your industries if your content is good and others are not posting something similar. These features help in making a brand better, and much more popular than others.