IGTV (Instagram TV) is the latest sensation nowadays when it comes to attracting potential audiences on Instagram. Brands have finally started acknowledging its feasibility to promote their content in a detailed and authentic way. If you are a business owner, looking to make the best out of IGTV to promote your brand, this blog is just the thing for you!

First things first, what is IGTV? It was first introduced by Instagram in June 2018, obviously, back then it was still in the learning phases. It is a fertile ground for testing, keep in mind the fact that only fewer brands were available here which turned out to be a perfect opportunity for IGTV to leverage them on a larger scale to enhance their attraction. Basically, IGTV is a separate section on Instagram where you can make your own channel like YouTube for longer videos. The only difference between Instagram Stories and IGTV is the length as it was designed to tackle youtube videos for mobile-optimized viewing. This proved to be a beneficial feature for brands or personalities who wanted to showcase their content without the restriction of duration. However, vertical videos were made popular by Snapchat but you can upload them using different smartphones on IGTV respectively.

On the basis of competing with different Scial Media Marketing platforms, Instagram has a built-in audience of 1 billion but only a handful of people are engaging on IGTV so far. But as we talk about Instagram stories when they were first introduced in the market now the brands are efficiently making them a priority, there will come a time when IGTV will take everyone by storm, there is no telling how rapidly it could surpass YouTube.

The following are the Guidelines for using IGTV Videos:

1. Setting up your Channel
IGTV is optimized to setup channels from both desktop and smartphones.

2. Start Uploading
Once you setup your channel you can easily upload your videos on IGTV but it’s up to you how you drive attention for the users by editing. It can be a short or long one depending upon your content strategy.
Keeping in mind that the video should be in portrait mode at a ratio of 9:16, or at least not bigger than that otherwise, the video will not fit, and it will be futile to upload it as the audiences won’t be able to appreciate it.

3. Best Practices for IGTV.
One thing to keep in mind while posting videos is that every video should be targeting a different demographic you’re marketing to. You have to comprehend what your audience wants from you.

You can share your IGTV videos on different social media channels but you have to maintain a form of consistency in terms of branding, visuals and posting schedule. You can promote your IGTV content on other platforms but the authenticity of IGTV material would be much more steady on Instagram itself.

As far as the longevity of the video is concerned, make sure your videos are not longer than 10 minutes. A 3-4 minute video is a particularly good length to target as the chances for skipping the video will be minimized. However, the start of the video will tell the users if they are going to finish your video or not, so a good start is essential. The first 10 seconds are crucial as they have the ability to either grasp the attention of your viewers or drive them away. Any powerful statements, relevant information that you need to describe in the entire length of the video should be introduced in the beginning so the audience can anticipate it. If you have a brand with a complex product or an exciting backstory, IGTV is an excellent place to stop dumbing-down and start going deeper.

Don’t Scare away potential users by integrating loud music at the beginning of the video neither make it lifeless with no music at all, because you have to assume they might be in an awkward environment or not fond of loud music as a whole. The music should be subtle,  gentle, and must not overpower the overall aura of the video, but instead accentuate its tone.

Don’t forget to leave links in the end, as it will help your business grow more by driving useful traffic to your website or any other social media pages.

4. Hashtags
If you know how to use hashtags for Instagram that’s best but if not, then all you have to do is put relevant hashtags in the video description for better SEO interaction. In order to highlight your content in terms of Search Engine Optimization, you have to add relevant and unique tags that suit the context of the video the best.

5. Metrics
You should always remember to check your insights on daily basis to view how blogs are doing, realign them with your business goals, and remember that this is a new platform and if the numbers are less than a desirable amount, give it time.

6. How to use IGTV in Campaigns?
Bigger Brands are breaking larger segments into chunks and publishing them on IGTV. Several brands including Vogue US, Economist, Netflix, Bloomberg, and Tastemade UK are using this strategy to maintain a sense of consistency for their YouTube content. Their aim is to produce and promote user-friendly content through an efficient channel.

Test and Implement:

IGTV is new to the user market, though for shorter videos you can still post them to your Instagram stories (Temporarily) but for content with longer duration, IGTV gives you a form of content that sticks and if used carefully can be used to represent one’s brand perfectly.
Furthermore, longer videos mean longer engagement of the user embedding in your brand. Be creative and educational at times as that will give your brand a whole new level of meaning at a certain level. IGTV finally offers all brands a chance to be creative with slower-paced, story-driven content.

Some Beneficial IGTV Content Examples:
Here are some influential Instagram pages who are using IGTV to promote themselves in an exemplary manner:

  • Fun and Simple IGTV Content for Kvell Collective (the creative studio which creates and sells animated stickers)
  • Raw User-Generated IGTV content from Honest Company (Natural Beauty and baby products brand)
  • Educational IGTV videos from bulletproof (Food, Drink and Supplement Brand)
  • Low Key Style and Relevant IGTV Partnerships from Sweetgreen (Fast-Casual Salad Restaurant)
  • Community Story Highlights from SoulCycle (Spin-class fitness giant)
  • IGTV How-tos from West Elm (Interior Design Retail Store)
  • Luxury Home Tour from the Serhant Team (Real Estate Firm)
  • Repurposed Televisions Commercials from Tiffany and Co. (Iconic Jewellery Company)
  • An Exploration of your Company’s mission or identity from Arc’Teryx (Outdoor Gear and Clothing Brand)

Our biggest takeaway from these IGTV marketing ideas is to do what suits your brand in the best way possible. All while enriching your audience’s lives with collective, informative and indulging content.

Here are ten brands crushing it on IGTV.

Top Ten Brands on IGTV:

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Buzz Feed
  3. Cheddar
  4. CBS This Morning
  5. Tastemade
  6. Food Network
  7. Netflix
  8. Nickelodeon
  9. MTV
  10. BBC Earth

Each of them has created a strong global identity for themselves but it surely is no surprise to see them acing IGTV too, with their captivating content.

IGTV is the new face in the marketing industry and it will flourish with time. Many brands are effectively working and seeing improvements on a daily basis, as each brand needs some space to introduce itself to the world respectively. Tackle different audiences with different ideas regularly and clarify the objectives you wish to attain with IGTV just like you would on any other platform, this will help you establish certain demographics and filter out the most useful and willing audiences to reach out to as well.