Whenever there is a discussion about ad campaigns, Google ads campaigns are considered to be the best one among other ad campaigns. Google AdWords or Ad Campaigns is an exclusive advertising service supported by Google. Using Google AdWords, you can pay for ads that you can see on result pages of search engines. It is highly recommended to use Google AdWords for your ad campaigns as among all website traffic about 40% comes only through the google search engine.

So, now you do not have to wait for your website, that you just developed to gradually make its way up to the first page of search rankings organically. You can see the quick results in increased traffic to your website just by using Google AdWords. The best benefit of using Google Ads Campaigns is that it helps you to get the desired conversion action by guaranteeing you better-quality targeted traffic.

Also, it is quite economical and easy to use even if it is your first time with Google AdWords. It is just a matter of understanding that which structure and terminologies Google AdWords Campaign uses while creating an Ad Campaign. To help you understand the working of Google AdWords Campaign especially if you are using it for the first time and want to learn google AdWords campaign, following is the complete guide on how to run your first Google ads campaign:

Step 1: Create your Google AdWords Account and Login

Your first step to run your first Google AdWords Campaign is to go google.com/adwords. This will direct you to the sign-up page of Google AdWords to create your account. After creating your account, log in to that account and go to the top menu and click the campaign tab. In the campaign tab, you will see a button titled ‘Create your first campaign’, click that.

Step: 2 Select Type and Name for your Campaign

Once you clicked on the button labeled as ‘Create your first campaign’. Now you have to select a suitable name and type for your Google Ad campaign. Here is how you can select a name and type for your campaign.

  • Campaign Name

For selecting a suitable name for your campaign, just keep one thing mind that your campaign name should define your product or services that are meant to be advertised so that it would be easier for you to trace it out into your account. Select a name that gives a clear idea about the theme. Also, it is worth mentioning that the name of your campaign is something that is only for you as it is not visible to clients.

  • Campaign Type

With the help of campaign type, you can manage where you want your ads to be visible. Campaign type helps you to target your desired audience at the most optimal time which makes it a successful advertising campaign. For this, Google AdWords gives you the following campaign types so that you can manage your ads to show only to the particular clients.

  1. Search Network with Display Select

If you select this option, it will give you the best performance keywords by picking it from the list of search keywords. These best performance keywords let you use relevant content pages on the display network to create a theme that perfectly matches with them.

  1. Search Network only

This type displays your ad campaigns to all the search-related sites including both:

  • Google Search Websites
  • Google Sites and all non-google sites as well that are associated with Google to display ads
  • Display Network only

This type depends on your keywords as it shows your ads only to those links, apps, and websites whose content matches your keywords.

  1. Shopping Campaigns

This type is used to promote a product as it provides all the information about your product to users.

  1. Video Campaigns

This type of advertisement is only used for video ads content as in this type of campaign, your video ads are displayed in your videos or other uploaded videos on YouTube

  1. Universal App Campaigns

This is used to advertise your apps (android or iOS) across different networks like YouTube, search, and the Google Display Network.

If it is you running Google ads for the first time, then it is recommended for you to select ‘Search Network Only’ as your Campaign Type.

Step: 3 Select a Display Location for your Ad Campaign

Once you are done with selecting the name and type of your Google Ad Campaign. You have to select the location for your Ad campaign where you want it to be displayed. Google Ad Campaign gives you a lot of options for selecting locations. It gives you the option to select between a large or small area. For example, you can either select a country or just a city. You have to use coordinates of latitude and longitude for selecting some specific area.

If you want to target some specific customers in any particular region then you must know the exact location of your desired customer. If you are running your business locally, then your targeted customer would be around your area, and if you are running your business on an international scale, then you can run more than one ad campaign for different countries that get you the highest sales.

Step: 4 Create Ad Groups

After selecting your desired location, your next step is to create an ad group for your campaign. To understand it, you can consider it as a folder where you can store your ads. For example, for different products and product lines, you can create a separate group. For standard ad campaigns, you can create one group and for sales, create another.

For creating an ad group, first of all, enter your home page, landing page or any other page that you want to be shown when people click on your ad. Try to make it as relevant as possible. For example, if you are showing an ad of mountain bikes, instead of sending your visitors to the home page, direct them to the page that is specified for mountain bikes.

Next, select a name for your ad group and enter keywords that are most relevant to your content.

Step 5: Create an Ad

After ad groups, now it is time for creating an Ad. In this, you have to create an that is compelling enough to engage your audience and make them take the desired action. People usually prefer those ads with keywords they searched for. So, if you are targeting some specific customers and their specific keyword phrase, then make sure that you use that specific keyword phrase in your headline.

Once you are done with headlines, you have to add a description for your ad. For writing description, make it sure that you add all key benefits that product or service offers. You can mention special offers as well.

After the description, it is highly recommended to direct your audience to your website or a web page which is the most relevant to your ad. If you mention any special deal then be sure that you direct your audience to that specific page that contains all the details about a special deal. This will make it easy for your audience to navigate through your website and it will increase your conversion rate. After all this, you can run your first Google ad campaign.

After running your ad, do not forget about it. Analysis it regularly, to find out what is working for your ads and what is not, this helps you to make better ad campaigns in the future. Try to figure out which ads have the highest click-rate, create similar ads which will help you to get higher cost-per-click keywords and as a result, your ROI will be increased.

Now, do not delay it further and start with your first Google Ads Campaign, and if you face any difficulty, feel free to contact Digital Acetech. We would love to hear from you.