Worried about how to make an impactful YouTube video? Don’t know where to start? Lacking structure and direction? Confused? Don’t worry! We got you.

You might see some YouTubers that look so transparent and authentic that the idea of a “scripted video” does not even pop up in your head. But, that’s not the truth because they do and they do that or all the right reasons.

 Now, the question is that why doesn’t that seem so. That’s because they do script their videos. Yet, the scripting they do is designed in a way that it looks authentic and pure. The key to perfect scripting IS there and that is exactly why we are here.

Designing a YouTube video is difficult but preparing a relevant and impactful script or content is something that can be really challenging. You need to be relevant, impactful, and deliver the best content. There are certain ways and procedures which are really necessary to follow when making content or script.

Here are some tips or ways to make a YouTube script like a pro!

The structure, Outline and Topic

The first and foremost thing to do is to define the structure and the point of your video. Define your topic first; be very particular and sure about what you will be talking about in your video.

Specify and narrow it down as much as possible and then write down all the important points that you will have to cover. Once, you find your topic and domain, break your content and script structure in around three to four parts (depending on the amount of content that you would want to cover in that one video) Intro, video body (mid) and ending are certainly the 3 basic and most common parts that are broken out of the main script.

Make sure you list all the points starting from the most important going all the way to the least important. Make sure you don’t overdo anything because that’ll just bore the audience and take away from their attention. You don’t really want that to happen, so make sure you talk about things that are important and attention-grabbing. Add everything while writing the structure and its outline. Make sure to add the intro, proceedings, and a suitable end.

Intro, body and the ending

Your intro has to be perfect in which you should include everything you will be addressing in the whole video. The intro has to be fun yet precise covering all points. Introduce yourself, too so that the audience knows what and who they are watching.

 Try to make your introduction very interesting so that the audience relates to you. Usually, what happens is that creators add so much fun and energies into the intro part that their quality deteriorates as the video proceeds. You do not want that to happen to yourself. So, while doing your video body, make it as amusing and likable as the first section was. The same is the case with your ending.

We understand that your video ends there but again, you want your viewers to come back to you, right? So a nice and warm goodbye note, in the end, works well and keeps people coming back! So, remember these aspects whole writing your YouTube video script.

Short yet, perfect!

Try to keep your script as concise as you can but, at the same time make sure that you are interactive and are not losing connection with the audience.

Wondering how can one be interactive? That is simple, just talk to them. Yes, it’s that simple. Moreover, People tend to watch videos that are rather shorter. Meaning, it is preferable that you write shorter scripts, consisting of one or two pages so that people choose to watch you.

Since people lose interest when the video is longer as it becomes boring and stuff seems repetitive.

Do’s & Don’ts while writing a script!

Write everything!

Make sure that you have written everything down. While writing a script, never omit even a single word. Is common and logical to only write the main points and do the video that way and not write everything. But, you know what?

 It only helps in the longer run. You might forget somethings that you before had o deviate from your actual topic and that makes your video a little longer. And that, as we have told before, is not good at all for your video reputation.

This way, you deliver your message correctly and in the best way possible. So, it will only benefit, if you write each and everything before making the actual video. Later, while re-reading your script, you can replace stuff and add- in even better things, which is nothing but beneficial. Most importantly, you would not have memories of each and everything but simply read and say.

 Know the boundaries, too

Try to be extremely choosy while writing your script with the choice of words that you are making. You need to understand the fact that although, you want to do that in a conversational manner but do not do that going out of the way.

 Understand the fact that you are going to be putting that video out on one of the most popular platforms in the current times; YouTube. Once, you upload anything on the internet, its always there.

Do not say or do anything that might embarrass you in the future. Do not get any offensive towards anything or anybody. Your wordings should be picked with as much accuracy and carefulness as possible.

What, when, where!

As we have told you why writing everything matters and why you should certainly consider that. One sub- the root of that point will be that you should write your script in a way that it helps you while editing. What does that mean? It means that while you are writing your script, remember to write in such a manner that you understand where and what needs to be added while editing. For instance, you had to include a graph or a voice memo in the middle or end of some random and/ or specific sentence. You might forget doing this if you follow the criteria of only writing bullet points. Sometimes, you might as well want to add pauses and little yet important things and you can only fully remember it when you have written the script.

what where

Details matter!

Writing references and citations while making a point during a video is one essential thing that you should follow and write in your script as soon as possible, like RIGHT NOW! Moreover, if your content is supposed to be funny, it always delights your audience if you have random memes or funny and dank stuff like that. So, understand the audience and the nature of the content that you make and add as many relevant stuff that you want.

Think from the audience perspective:

Once you’re done with defining and structuring your topic, mold your content in a customer-centric or audience-centric way. Ask yourself all the questions that you think the audience or person watching your video will have. Make Order everything with the audience’s point of view.

That’s the key to effectual YouTube scripting. Think about how a person watching your video will want your video to proceed, what they would like to hear you talk about. After that, answer all these questions and you’ll definitely find your best YouTube script right there!

Tone- Engagement and fun is the key!

Sometimes, although YouTubers make valuable and interesting content, they really fail to engage their audience and build their interest. You should make sure that you engage with your audience; just imagine that you’re talking to a very dear friend. Use a mixture of formal+ informal tone and language, which too really helps.

  • Just simply have a conversation!

Try to get into a conversation with your audience. Always, speak in a way as if you are having a conversation with the audience so that they feel you and stay engaged. Use wordings like; “we’re going to go there and do this”, so on and so forth. Remember, to make it as if they are there with you, doing what you are doing.  More interactive and conversational ways include; “I like coffee better, let me know which flavor you like the most”.

You see, asking questions is one way to stay connected and be conversational. In this way, the audience does not feel as if anything is scripted and find it as real, authentic, and transparent as ever.

We hope that you find this article helpful and informative. If you are planning to make a YouTube video but are hesitant to do so? Guess what, just do that already by making use of the tips we have provided you with. Making sure that you have a perfect and complete script is made possible by making use of these tips and techniques.

There’s nothing wrong with scripting your video since it only makes your content more enjoyable and worth watching! Writing a script and then making a YouTube video is not as hard as you think it is. So, we suggest that you should just go and start writing and shooting without any delay. Happy video making!