If you are on the search for the best SMM tool then we have got it for you. This one is an underrated unsung hero that many brands overlook. If you are one of those brands that have been ignoring this high potential Social Media Marketing tool then you should meet Instagram stories: an effective social media tool. This is an incredible option for businesses looking to expand their following, reach, and impact on their audiences.

It works on many levels and here is all you need to know about Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories: An Effective SMM Tool

There are many social media marketing tools that you can leverage to build hype for your brand. Instagram feed posts, paid partnerships, reposts, and sponsored posts are some of these ways that you can use the platform to reach more people, and attract more followers. Instagram stories are more than this. Social media marketing requires your voice to be distinct and unique. If your content is not adding to the lives of the individuals then you are making them happy or impressing them.

This means little or no following and even lesser brand loyalty. So if you are wondering how to make sure that your content is amazing as you intend it to be, then keep in mind these 3 rules:

  • Create meaningful content: your product pictures without any context on how they improve the lives of people are of no use
  • Improve your storytelling: Show the before, after, and testimonials of your products
  • Use high-quality graphics and audience-appropriate words

Now, this needs to be implemented to your regular feed posts, for sure. But, more so, it needs to be implemented to the stories that have higher chances of ranking in the public explore tab in Instagram’s of your audiences.

What makes Instagram Stories an effective SMM Tool?

Facebook marketing also allows you to put up stories. But, very few people will have the time to enjoy your Facebook stories. Others will simply scroll their feeds on Facebook and might not even like your posts because only videos can reach more people on Facebook organically.

Instagram marketing allows you to post freely. You can post anywhere from 1-100 stories and many people will want to view your content. Instead of scrolling, many Instagrammers prefer stories. You can use these stories to share your brand stories, in the true sense of the word. You can share long-form content but through pictures. Just like carousels, this can prove to be very effective for sharing a series of related messages.

The free SEO tools can help you search hashtags, words, and content keywords to help your brand. You can also add your website in the bio, or as a ‘link in bio’ option to gain readers, visitors, and more.

Instagram makes sure that any black hat tools, ideas, or strategies are no longer implemented to get you a fake following. Getting a true following is very easy if you invest in the quality of your content. Stories are a place that is perfect to infuse your ideas, quality, and reach.

You must remember these key takeaways:

  • Instagram is different than Facebook marketing
  • You can use free SEO tools to improve your word semantics
  • Instagram marketing has to be rich with stories

Pro Tip:

You can use the stories to find your true follower. Or, the person who follows you by most proactively. This can be done by checking out the top 5 people on your story views throughout the day. Depending on the size of your audience, these 5 people can be the same or fluctuating ever so slightly. These are your top followers and you can perhaps start a campaign based around these people. That way you can invigorate other followers to follow suit as well.

Why put up Instagram stories as a small business?

Instagram stories are inexpensive to put up. This can be one of the easiest to use from social media marketing tools. It holds because the stories can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. People love to watch how products are made. The ‘behind-the-scenes can be recorded for the minimum efforts. This is why it is one of the key tools that add life to the backstories of smaller businesses.

Social media marketing is essential for small businesses. Many businesses exist simply through digital tools. The reach is essential for giving the business a voice of its own and attract like-minded people as customers. Stories allow you to diversify your strategies. You can now show your imperfect or under-construction side to your followers too. All your feed posts have to be perfectly styled and creatively designed to the extent that there is no imperfection. Stories are much more laid back.

Real-Time Marketing

It is a great way to incorporate a Real-Time Marketing aspect into your business. This way you can show your audience that you have thoughtful content that you share daily and they can opt in to view it. Stories can be posted more frequently than posts, so there is less spamming risk there.

You can showcase your message or stance on important subjects that you may not be comfortable placing in your feed. This can help in converting your target audience effectively.

Stories are also a very successful way to engage your audience in the least resistant content. Watching stores does not require scrolling, liking, commenting, or anything. It is the least resistant of them all. This allows your audience to easily view your content at a pace they like. They can always tap it to move on the next one as needed with the least amount of effort possible. This is a core value of providing user-friendly content.

Top reasons to choose Instagram stories:

  • Easier to rank as not many people use the ranking of the stories area
  • Reach users organically by using hashtags
  • Use geolocation tagging to reach locals
  • They don’t have to be perfect
  • Show off the right amount of making of your products as brands
  • Appear as a small intimate and real business
  • Connect on a personal level
  • Least resistance

Stories relieve your business from the pressure to post insta-worthy images on your feed. The brand can establish a real and distinct voice by just sharing low-maintenance content.

Why put up Instagram stories as a medium to a large business?

Instagram Stories allow you to manipulate text, stickers, and GIFs on multimedia content. This makes it interactive and more interesting than simpler videos and images in the feed posts.

As social media marketing tools, Instagram stories can be used to pique the interest of the audience. Social media marketing can be too out-there or in-the-face of the users. This is a low-key way to remind your audience of you. Stories are subtle marketing. Facebook marketing can be too aggressive, even Instagram posts can look like a brand is trying too hard. But, stories are different.

Can businesses from all industries put up Instagram stories?

All businesses can benefit from free SEO tools, Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, and other social media platforms. It is your choice to pick the perfect mix for your business.

Other important Instagram tools:

  • Graphically app
  • Instagram story maker
  • bio
  • Later
  • IGTV
  • Insta Collage Maker

Whether you are only posting plan photos to your Instagram or using these apps, to create interesting stories, it is up to you. There is a lot that can be done on Instagram. It is your choice how you want to play the elements in your favor. Nonetheless, undoubtedly Instagram stories are one of our favorite elements.

Top strategies

Using the right mix of interesting strategies can help you boost your audience to a great extent. Having active audiences via stories is easy. This means you are putting up effective memes, polls, and even questions for your audience to step out of passive tapping. The right mix can promote the right buzz for your brand. The buzz is essential and sharing the posts of your customers on your stories is another way to help all your viewers know that you are a good brand.

All major social media brands such as KKW Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, rappers, organic products, artists, and writers follow the strategy to promote user-generated content on their stories. This allows the audience to engage with the promotion of others, of your products. Hearing from others adds to your credibility as a brand. It helps gear more trust towards your business as compared to existing in a vacuum. The audience can see your brand being promoted by other real human beings.

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