Who does not want to market his product/service or brand? You must find a balance between your inbound marketing strategies and other important tasks. As a marketer, there are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. You should put your efforts to do market research smartly and wisely. This is where Quora Marketing Service comes in to help you with your marketing strategies. Quora has great potential, if used properly, it can help you improve your marketing strategies and grow your business. Before getting into the details of why you should use Quora for your marketing plans, let’s understand what is Quora marketing and how to use Quora first:

What is Quora marketing and How to use Quora?

In simple words, Quora is a social community that supports and facilitates Q&As. The use of the Quora platform to market your products/services or brand is called Quora marketing. Quora was first launched in 2010 with very fewer users, and now more than 1.5 million visitors from all over the world join Quora per month.

Quora is a great source especially for marketers for getting more leads and traffic. You can target a new audience and increase your sales with the help of the right strategy. It is also proven that for some marketers the platform has worked like magic as it increased their traffic three times within a short period.

It is quite easy to use Quora for marketing. All you have to do is to make your profile on Quora, select questions that are most related to your niche and answer them to market your brand or product/service and increase your leads. You can use Quora marketing for the following purposes:

  • It helps you to generate more traffic
  • It facilitates you to post question and answers about your brand or product/service
  • It provides brand exposure and brand awareness
  • It keeps you up to date about the latest trends
  • You can also use it for learning from other market experts
  • You can also use it for conducting any market research or product/service survey

There is a lot more than Quora offers you. To understand why you should use Quora to market your business or what are the key benefits that your business can get from Quora, here is the list:

  • It helps you to market your brand

The community on Quora is very large and consists of many dedicated users. These users consider Quora as a source of information that is reliable and trustworthy. It also facilitates brands to engage with their targeted audience by offering them unique opportunities. You can demonstrate your expertise and develop the reputation of your brand as an authority in the following ways:

  • You can answer the questions that your targeted audience have asked
  • You can start a conversation with them on different topics that are most relevant to your niche.

When you have developed your reputation and established your voice, you can start targeting prospects and guide them on how they can discover your brand or product/service.

  • It can act as a networking tool

Quora is an extraordinary platform that you can use to connect with relevant people in your niche. Connecting with relevant people helps you in different ways, for example, it offers new business opportunities, collaborations, and even new employment. For example:

On Quora, there is tab against every topic you follow, this tab shows you all the top performers of that particular topic you follow. These top performers are selected based on their answers and interaction with different people on Quora. They are titled as the “most viewed writers”.

Here are some tips that you can use to network on Quora:

  • Whenever you follow any topic, open this most viewed writers’ tab. Move your cursor to the name and you can see a link which you can use to follow that person. This will notify you whenever that particular person will answer a question or post a question.
  • You can also check all the answers and their question by clicking on the ‘view xx answers’ displayed right on the page. This will show you all the answers and questions.
  • Now search for those questions that have a smaller number of answers yet high reviews and also they are recent ones.
  • Answer the same question that they have answers.
  • In your answer, you can either mention something from the answer or you can complement that person like why do you like the answer by using the name of the person with @.
  • You can also add an answer to fill the gap (if you can) in the answers of that particular person. Do not forget to mention them if you add a valuable answer.
  • Doing this will help you become prominent in front of the person that you follow. But it is only possible if you add a remarkable answer that is worthy enough to get you the attention of the person that you follow. He will consider you as a knowledgeable and skilled person in the industry. This kind of network can offer you many opportunities.
  • Quora helps to market your Content

Quora is considered one of the best platforms for marketing especially for amplifying your content if you have blog posts and engaging content on your website. Try not to mention your website directly like visit my website for more information. You can direct the audience to your website organically by following ways:

  • Try to introduce your website slowly in your answers instead of directly mentioning it.
  • Try to make your answers engaging enough to grasp the attention of the reader and make them curious to check your website.
  • You can also add the link of your website or content by saying for details you can check this blog, along with providing the key information in your reply

Quora can also be used as a crowdsource information for your content/ article. This is one of the best methods to market your content by using your audience.

  • Quora helps to target more audience

To target more audience, you can use Quora that is easily available as well as economical instead of wasting your money to conduct expansive and complicated surveys. Quora helps you to know the needs and demands of your audience by letting your audience to tell you directly. You can use the questions that have been posted on Quora as a source of information to find what type of content your target audience likes. These questions and their answers can be used to learn about your clients. For example, to learn what your audience thinks, what they demand, and what they use. After learning about these things, you can make your brand the solution they want for their problems.

  • It acts as a customer service and management tool

Quora can also be used as a customer service tool as well as a management tool. As you can do a quick search for your brand to know if there is some conversation going on about your product/service or brand on Quora. This might help you to get new potential sales since clients prefer to post questions about specific tools or products. Try to give them informative answers to convert them.

Quora also allows you to address the problems of your brand that your clients are facing. Try to provide them solutions by effectively engaging with them.

Quora is one of the greatest Social Media Marketing tools that many business owners ignore because they do not know about the benefits it offers to their businesses. Hopefully, this article will help you to better understand the importance of using Quora. So, if you have not started to use Quora, you are missing a lot. Register and Set up your Quora profile right away, and make the best use of it for your business success.