We have put together a list of the top Social Media Marketing tools for your business in 2020.

The power of social media marketing should not be underestimated by modern businesses. Many businesses thrive on social media much better than in the traditional retail sense. However, marketing on social media can be intimidating for starters. Here are some unique tools that can help you in building audiences, improving the quality of your content, and developing a better customer base than before.

It is important to note that many social media platforms serve as a vanity effort. Finding the exact customers can be harder on social media as compared to other marketing methods.

To make life easier and to help you stay patient we have included some useful social media marketing tools free of cost and ready to be used. Others have trial periods and some can be relevant to certain businesses only. You can pay to these if you find them to be useful or potent for your business.

You need to streamline your platforms of choice before you get into the tool discovery phase. Some businesses need an online presence just to voice their opinions, others wish to remind their target markets that they exist while others may want to leverage these platforms to add to their e-commerce or retail sales. Outlining your goals and targets before you get into this is of extreme importance.

However, a majority of the tools mentioned below are becoming hot favorites of whoever uses them. These are versatile and can be used to promote your business online in several ways.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the top 10 social media marketing tools 2020:

  • BuzzSumo

One of the best social media marketing tools 2020 to find relevant influencers on your chosen platforms and to leverage them to boost your products is BuzzSumo.This can be a great learning tool, as you can explore the kind of influencers or industry thought leaders from your business industry and their content. This can give you case studies to look at your customer segment.

  • MailChimp

If you have been in the digital marketing industry for a long time then you would have heard the name of this tool in some way. The tool is no longer limited to bulk-emailing. You can use MailChimp to automate your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can use this to promote your online presence similarly and coherently while saving a lot of time. The tool can be used to generate added intelligence and insights. You can also locate the right audience with the help of this if you already have a loyal mailing list of customers who love to use your products.

  • Anchor.FM

If you are into creating podcasts and even webinars which are another popular trend among marketers, then this can be ideal. Anchor.FM is one of the social media marketing tools that are like hidden gems. You can use this underrated platform to generate high-quality, long-form content for your existing platforms. You can create short podcasts for social media and longer ones for your websites by using this.

  • NeilPatel.com

Neil Patel as a website has a series of smaller tools that can be used by social media marketers. He is a thought leader on social media and digital marketing. You can use many tools like a social media scheduler, social media tools for content creation, and research tools. But, without the knowledge of technicality and trends such as those available at NeilPatel.com, you might not be doing enough. You can quickly compare your website and the websites of your competitors. You can look into their keywords and popular pages to gain inspiration. As far as social media trends are concerned, you can listen to his podcast for essential intel and trends to incorporate in your social media strategy.

  • Unsplash.com

Social media is barren without the right content. Producing original content on your own is very expensive. You can use high quality existing stock free images to create your social media posts. This is a great way to allow fun, colorful images to become a part of your content strategy, free of cost. If you are kind enough then you can attribute the images to the creators. These are free otherwise. Once, you feel like you have used all images that were related to your business, you can then switch to other options. Finding premium stock free images is no longer difficult or hard at all.

  • Canva

Another great one from social media tools for business content creation is Canva. You do not have to be a professional to use this. The tool is a great one for beginners and creators who like to develop graphical content on their own. You can use this to create amazing social media icons, pictures for your blog posts, and more.

  • Google Trends

You can also engage people on Twitter trends, but to get into the greater detail of what is being searched and talked about online, you must visit Google Trends. This is a free Google service. It can allow you to check out local trends and internal ones as well. You can then generate conversation and engagement based on the trends or hot topics found here.

  • Insta Story Maker

When it comes to applications, having an Instagram story maker at hand is essential The Insta Story Maker can help you create stories daily, on existing templates. This is a great way to engage with your audience and provide them daily content to keep them interested in your business. Starting from scratch can be overwhelming, and the templates make your life easier.

  • CoSchedule

CoSchedule has a set of tools to use for digital marketing platforms. Some of these have free trials others are paid. You can use the headline analyzer to make sure that whatever you post on social media is received positively. They also have a useful email subject line analyzer that can be used for your cold emailing correspondence.

  • Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is a great tool to automate your tweets according to the desired timings of the day. Adding this to the selection of your social media tools can help in making your tweets consistent and timely. You can also explore a greater range of insights through this one.

These are just some of the most popular tools for Social Media Marketing 2020. You can use these to delve into improved content and much more engaging material to post on to your social media. Other than this, having a good quality hashtag research also helps in promoting your message online.

Getting organic results

You must incorporate trending and local hashtags to improve your visibility online. Hashtags can get you organic results without even doing the extra effort. Posting regularly, at the right time, and with the right content is essential. You must add a watermark to your content and pair it with a logo. This can be done free of cost on Canva. Other than this, you may also use Pexels if you feel like you have used everything on Unsplash. These alternatives work just as well.

Video Content

Content like videos is also essential. You can use Adobe Spark for free to create content for your social media platforms. This is simple to use. There is no heavy system requirement for the use of this. And you can engage your audience with ease using it. Canva also supports the creation of free short video clips. Adobe Spark is ideal for beginners. Unlike software from Adobe, this is an online tool to generate quick videos that are simple. You can not add fancy transitions or effects on your videos, but they are much better than having static content. All you will need to get started is to have a really good internet connection.

Unique content sells more

Some tools like Anchor.FM is underrated and lesser-known. You can use these to create unique content that is not being made elsewhere. This knowledge will give you a competitive edge. Rather than producing similar posts as your competitors, you can become a market thought leader with a Podcast or a Webinar. It all depends on what works for your niche.


Whatever you choose to add to your collection of tools, make sure to take out the time and energy to explore it in-depth. If you can not find the time or energy to use a tool, then without judgment or hesitation, you should delegate the responsibility for social media management to another person in your team who can.

Remember that it is 2020, you must not add extra stress on your shoulders. Tools available online have reduced the time required for great social media performance a great deal. Simply find someone who can use them for you to get you the results you desire the most.