As we all know about Facebook, it is not a new thing for us. Just like Facebook, it is pretty obvious that every business should have a Facebook presence and Facebook Marketing.

Facebook has changed a lot of things in the marketing world. It is considered to be the largest social media network in the world that can do wonders in the marketing world, which we would never have thought of a decade ago, for example,

  • Host 360-degree videos
  • Sell products or services with the help of chatbots
  • Serve as a news source for almost 66% of the adult population

According to a survey, Facebook has almost 20% of the population of the world as its daily active users which are around 1.56 billion or you can say that 5 times the population of the United States and it is continuously increasing. This shows the importance of Facebook and why it is famous among all other Social Media Marking platforms.

So, now you can imagine how many social influences you can achieve using Facebook in the following terms:

  • Effects
  • Ecommerce business
  • Referrals
  • Customer relationships
  • Reputation
  • Brand awareness

As mentioned above, the average number of daily active users on Facebook is almost 20% of the total world’s population. And average time spent on Facebook by these users is approximately 60 mins per day which is almost 7% of the waking hours of an average user considering 8 hours of sleep.

Not just this, many people consider the internet as Facebook. Now the question is your business making the best use of it or not? If yes, then you are doing a great job but if no, then you should start it right away. But how? How can you use Facebook for your business?

There are many things that Facebook offers you to market your business, like Facebook pages, Facebook ads manager, and many more.

Keeping in view the importance of Facebook marketing, all the things that you should about Facebook marketing are mentioned below. This is equally helpful for both who have their Facebook pages for years and who are going to try it for the very first time.

Set your goals and audience

For every successful marketing campaign, the very first step is that you have to set some right goals and know who you are targeting. Setting your goals helps you to measure the effectiveness and success of your Facebook marketing strategy as an essential reference. But before setting goals, you have to do some homework on it, this research is to check whether your marketing strategy is attainable through some specific platform or not. Usually, marketers use Facebook for the following goals:

  • 34% of marketers use Facebook to increase brand awareness
  • 21% of marketers use Facebook to increase community engagement
  • 11% of marketers use Facebook to increase their sales and lead generations

You can set your goals according to your preferences and interests of your audience. Your all goals and strategies are useless if your audience so not like it. So, it is very important that you know who is on Facebook and who are you targeting.

Taking advantage of Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Page is considered as a free marketing tool that you can use for your business. Businesses can identify themselves by using these Facebook Business Pages. These pages allow you to do the following things which help your business to it identify yourself:

  • It helps you to list your product offerings and services
  • You share links, images, and posts of your business page

To show your human side and develop your brand identity, these Facebook Business Pages is a great place. It is considered as little less formal. You do not have to be worry if you share or post anything funny.

Eventually, it all depends on the interests of your audience and you should give it first priority. Share only those posts, images, links, and videos, etc. that is a link to your business. Also make sure your target audience enjoy your posts, links, images, and video, etc.

Post funny as well as informative things on your Business Page to market your product and services. For example, if your selling shoes, you can post an article that helps your audience to measure their foot size accurately. And for entertainment and publicity, you can share a hilarious video of some dogs walking in small shoes.

It is recommended to share posts, links, images, and videos, etc. in a mixed proportion of humor and educational resource.

Use Facebook ads and the Facebook Pixel

Posting something on Facebook Business Page does not assure you that it will be seen by all your followers. In fact, it is surprising to know the percentage of organic reach you get on your organic posts:

  • If your Facebook Business Page has less than 10,000 followers then your organic reach would be around 8.18%
  • If your Facebook Business Page has more than 10,000 followers then your organic reach would be around 2.59 %

This is because of the algorithm of Facebook, as it prioritizes the posts that are shared by the user’s friends and family. Here come Facebook Ads that extend your reach.

As in that case of any other advertisement, Facebook Ads is a paid service. You can define Facebook ads as the content that you can share with your targeted audience. Facebook ads help you to get your brand in front of your targeted audience and increase your conversion rate.

Facebook ads have many advertising options that cover both on and off the network business goals. You can increase brand awareness, engagement, app installs, store visits and much more with the help of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Pixel is another tool that is very good to start with, even if you do not use Facebook Ads for the time.

In simple terms, you can define Facebook Pixel as a piece of code that you place on your website in order to get the following benefits:

  • It helps you to track conversions
  • It helps you to remarket those who visited your website at least once.
  • It allows you to develop your custom targeted audience for future ads.

The Facebook Pixel is very fast as it starts working right after you place it on your website. So, when you will start your first campaign, it will give you all the information regarding remarketing and custom audience.

Use Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook pages can make the best use of Facebook Promoted Posts just by paying a flat rate for their individual Facebook posts. Facebook Promoted Posts help you to increase the reach and impressions of a specific post. These posts reach a specific number of users by paying a flat rate.

Some organization may have the following questions:

  • Why they have to pay for making sure that their posts have been seen by their own followers?
  • If a Facebook user liked my page, then my posts should always be seen by those followers on their newsfeed, isn’t so?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Since the Facebook algorithm prioritizes the posts shared by their friends and family and an average user spends just 60 min approx. per day.

If the time of the story or post shared by you matches with the time of your fans when they look at their newsfeed, there are more chances they will see it without using this Facebook Promoted Posts feature. But still, it is not 100% guaranteed that they will see it even if they are online at the same time, because maybe their news feed is loaded with other old posts. Here Promoted Posts play an important role, it helps your posts or stories to be appeared and seen on the news feed of your target audience.