Are you overwhelmed by countless forms of digital marketing and wonder which one is the most effective?
Are you looking for more innovative methods to market your brand, site, blog or business?
Do you wonder which types of Digital Marketing have become “too old/outdated” to work and which are the absolute must-haves to stay ahead of the competition?
In this blog, we will be counting down some of the most influential types of digital marketing and how they impact a marketing plan.

We must begin with the most basic question like  “What is Digital Marketing and why does it matter to nearly every business, brand or blog in today’s world.

Let’s consider it from two perspectives, a brief one and a detailed one.

Digital Marketing is any internet-based and electronic marketing tactic to sell a product or service, and achieve other brand goals.

Digital marketing is leveraging the electronics or now; the internet to market a product or service. Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Online marketing amongst many other names and synonyms.

Moving forward to the next query, i.e. “Why is digital marketing important?”

An average American family spends more than 12 hours glued to a digitally powered device, including mediums like Televisions, computers, laptops, mobile / cell phones, tablets, etc.

With such wide outreach and implications, one would normally be curious about its executions and ask another question like “So what are the most significant types of Digital Marketing?” which takes us to our next phase.

10 Types of Digital Marketing:
Mentioned below are some of the most extensive and huge digital marketing channels and resources that are used to achieve online marketing purposes on a global level.

  • Website, blog or a landing page.
  • Search Engine Optimization (more popularly known as SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (AKA Pay-Per-Click Advertisement)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Phone or Cell Phone marketing
  • Local Classified Advertisements
  • Business Listings and Review Management (Online Reputation Management or ORM)

Website, blog or a landing page:
Think of this as a storefront for your business/brand. It is an inevitable and necessary online resource to manage and optimize one’s online presence. Every business needs one, for some, it might come in the form of a blog, while for others it can be in the face of a full-fledged e-commerce website. This method, in notable marketers’ opinion, carries the most weight of digital marketing in today’s world.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO:
Search Engine Optimization can simply be summarized as the process which involves the aim and techniques of ranking higher than your competition when searched for “keywords” and catchphrases relevant to your niche market – This method is usually organic / not-paid and can be extremely hard to manage if one doesn’t have much expertise and command over the subject, but it holds insurmountable importance and can be used to either enhance your brand’s credibility or wreck it beyond repair if ignored.

Search Engine Marketing:
The process of designing a paid ad that generates more traffic by paying as little as possible is Search Engine Marketing. There are various complex factors like Cost-Per-Click, impressions, ad revenue, etc which require the assistance and knowledge of an SEM Expert to solve and implement. Extensive research is required to begin with the process and that may be the reason why ad creation has turned into a sacred art that is only mastered through devotion, determination, and practice.

Social Media Marketing / SMM:
As the name suggests, this marketing method involves leveraging renowned and powerful social media platforms to market your product or service. As compared to other forms of digital marketing, Social Media Marketing is made up of strategies and tactics which are easier to manage and learn. That, however, doesn’t diminish its power and influence.

Content Marketing:
Is marketing done with active use or manipulation of graphical or written content – this method is important because most of the other marketing methods rely on this one to shine. Therefore, it interconnects all of the marketing methods and resources and breathes life into them. For example, a website without content is only half the job done, similarly, social media marketing is not complete without choosing the right post, tweet or hashtag and SEO is incomplete without the right keywords and descriptions. It not only acts as a cherry on the top but rather as the very foundation of the cake of ‘Digital Marketing.’

Influencer marketing:
As the name suggests, this method is utilizing one’s following list on social media platforms, specifically, of influencers by usually convincing them through cross-sponsorship or other negotiations by researching the most popular names of your niche and industry. By building healthy connections through online means and communication, this method can expose you to a suitable set of targeted audiences.

E-Mail Marketing:
This type of digital marketing is usually under-estimated and considered to be an old-fashioned means. However, if performed correctly, it can lead to astonishingly favorable results. This method works best if you can accumulate a large number of e-mail addresses of your targeted audience into a customized email list and hit them right where it matters the most, their inbox! Remember to word your email very carefully as anything can convert a lead to a customer.

Mobile Phone or Cell Phone marketing:
Mobile marketing has changed drastically over the past few decades and maybe the rise of internet apps is to be blamed for this change. Mobile marketing includes leveraging popular mobile apps along with SMS or MMS messages to raise brand awareness. This can prove to be time-consuming and a little too invasive if considered from a buyer’s opinion. Mobile marketing can be counted amongst the traditional means of marketing which has burrowed its way into the digital world of marketing as well.s

Local Classified advertisements:
This method is either mostly ignored or not listed among other popular digital marketing methods, but recently, due to rise in popularity of classified apps like Letgo, OfferUp, and, this method has proven to be a critical addition to the basic structure of a successful digital marketing campaign. The goal of Local Classified Advertisements is to target and reach a local audience as it is way less inclined towards maximizing global visibility. Every tactic that is applied is done to grab the intention of a much more specific set of audiences.

Business Listings and Reviews management:
The importance of business listings and directories is unfathomable. This category is also known as ‘Online Reputation Management’ or ORM. From Google My Business to customer reviews and engagement, ORM is all about polishing your brand’s reputation and advertising it through credible and authoritative mediums. As compared to Local Classified Ads, business listings have a much larger impact. Chances are, if your customer comes across your listing on a popular and trustworthy site like Better Business Bureau, they will be left with a good impression and will be inclined to learn more about your services and products. Another very important angle of ORM includes forums like Quora and Reddit. Online reviews and customer feedback are a clear sign of brand recognition and will lead to customer retention if used correctly.

In summary, to do smart business, digital marketing is a must-have skill in the present era. If all the above-stated marketing aspects are powered with enough dedication and investment from every angle imaginable, with an appropriate amount of practice, your hard work will pay off. Marketing is not as complicated as it seems to be and sometimes all you need is to develop a buyer persona and utilize each channel and strategies that will please them ultimately reap the fruits of digital marketing.