With the ever-increasing demand for social networks in this digital age, you must be well aware of social network trends and how to use them. The hashtag is one of the leading trends in the social world, but before we start our guide on how can you use hashtags for social media marketing, it is crucial to know about hashtags first. What are hashtags, what is the history of these hashtags? How does it go with Social media marketing?

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag can be defined as a short word or phrase with a hash sign or pound sign (#) in front of it. You can use digits, letters, and underscores in your social hashtags. In the age of social networks, you must have seen hashtags even if you are using only one social platform.

Where did Hashtags come from:

It was first started in 2007 by the bright idea of incorporation of symbols for groups to communicate. This idea was presented by Chris Messina. That idea gives a whole new meaning to the hash or pound sign (#). It was first practiced on twitter where this went viral and eventually, it was spread to many social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, etc. Now, every other person uses hashtags in their everyday conversations.

Social media marketing and hashtags:

Hashtags help you expand your business by helping you in social media marketing by following ways:

  • The correct use of hashtags in content that you post on social accounts help you target more crowd.
  • You can use hashtags to direct more and more traffic to your website or e-store.
  • Hashtags posted with proper content engage your crowd on a larger scale.

So, knowing the importance of hashtags in social media marketing, it is crucial to understand how you can make the best of these hashtags by using them for social media marketing. To help you with that, here some of the ways mentioned below to use hashtags effectively.

How to use hashtags for Social media marketing:

  • Try to be Simple and relevant:

While choosing a hashtag for a post of social networks, make sure you do not pick any random hashtag, try to use a simple and relevant hashtag for your post. You can see hundreds and thousands of hashtags in the world of social media. Surely you do not want your hashtag to be neglected. So, to ensure your hashtag is good enough to be effective, follow these points:

  • Try not to use long and difficult words as your hashtags as people would never use your hashtag if they cannot pronounce it.
  • Also, make sure your hashtag is not unclear or irrelevant to your content and post.
  • Do not use very generic or rare hashtags, as they do not show good results.
  • Try to use a hashtag which is short, precise and easy to spell or pronounce, so that your audience can have a clear idea about your post. Also, if you use a relevant hashtag it can categorize your content accordingly.
  • Try to be Concise

There are a lot of posts full of every possible hashtag available on Instagram and other social platforms. If you are given a limit of 30 hashtags per post then it does not mean you have to use the maximum limit of 30 hashtags on your every post. Using the maximum limit does not assure that you will get success, because using popular and concise hashtags is the true key to success.

  • Less is More

Providing an easy way of engagement to people in a longer discussion is the main purpose of hashtags. For example, if the same hashtag is used in multiple tweets, then you can have a stream of all the tweets with that hashtag just by clicking on the hashtag. Hashtag works in the same way for all other social platforms that use hashtags.

You can use social media hashtags for businesses too as due to their use, people can easily find your business and make a purchase. According to research, about 25 % of total tweets have one hashtag at minimum as the use of the hashtag in a tweet doubles the engagement level, but It does not mean to load your tweets with hashtags. Using 3 or more hashtags in a tweet drops your engagement 17% as compared to the tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags. So, it is recommended to use 1 or 2 hashtags to provide easy access to the people who try to find and follow your business.

  • Use hashtags as per your niche and audience

Nothing is more obtuse than putting arbitrary hashtags with your posts on your social networks. You might get a lot of traffic, but it does not always work. There is a possibility that you would get negative results and end up losing long-term traffic.

Along these lines, you must do proper research about your niche and post hashtags that best suits your business. It will help you better understand your audience and their interest to increase your followers and engagement.

Bonus tip: try to make an excel sheet to understand who you are going to target and what are their interests:

For example, if you belong to a travel agency/blog, then you can make an excel sheet that contains the following

  • Which business sector are you targeting? (travel & tourism)
  • What products or services do you offer?
  • What is your targeted age group?
  • What is your targeted gender? (male or female)
  • Know what your hashtag means

Do not use hashtags if you do not know what they mean. There is a different kind of hashtags available on social networks universe and every hashtag has its meaning as some have political meanings, some are considered as content marketing hashtags and some are short forms of slangs. So, you must do your research and know what you are going to post so that no one can get offended by hashtags in your post. Try to find hashtags that best describe your brand.

  • Easy to remember

If you want to make the best of your hashtags, make sure you use hashtags that are easy to remember so that there is no room for any possible grammatical mistakes and typos. People are more likely to use hashtags in their posts that are easy to remember. Also, makes sure it does not sound odd as you do not want your hashtag to be failed.

  • Use hashtag that motivates people to use it

If your hashtag is shared or used by many of your followers then it means your hashtag is effective enough to motivate people. Try to use a hashtag that fulfills your audience’s requirement and provides them benefits. There is a high possibility that your audience will join your campaign by using such hashtags. Thus, it is highly recommended to use a hashtag that is optimized as per the needs of your audience,

  • Brand Engagement

There are many hashtags for marketing agencies available on social networks that many marketers use. But one must know when to use hashtags on social networks. Do not irritate your followers by excessive use of hashtags even while conversing with them. You do not have to use hashtags while responding to any comment or compliment and it is very significant that you understand it and remember it.

To make your hashtags work like magic, pitch your hashtag in such a way that it motivates your followers to take an action. Try to use your hashtags as call-to-action rather than as a message.

There are a lot of opportunities that are associated with the correct use of hashtags in the social media universe. It gives opportunities to engage your audience and increase your sales. All you have to do is to find out what is the best way of using hashtags as per your business need and targets, and you will get the results you wish for!