If as a business you are wondering what are the best times to post on social media then here you go. This article will help you figure out the perfect strategy for your brand based on analytical data as well as tips and ideas to help you.

Creating the perfect social media strategy is dependent on your audience. It has all to do with your audience, their routines, their likes, dislikes, and behaviors. The social media strategy is also influenced by your product and brand concept.

If you are looking to introduce a new culture around your product or a new concept then you may find it helpful to select a diverse strategy. If you are clear about the target market and the audience then you must narrow down your strategy to that very audience. This means that the timings, tonality, and messages all need to be optimized for your audience primarily.

Now, if you have been here a while then you know this already. If not then please don’t miss a single detail in the guide to make the most use of it.

The ingredients of an effective social media strategy:

For social media optimization, graphical optimization is not enough. Your content should be optimized in terms of text, timing, and visuals. Platform optimization is quintessential for getting the reach that you desire or envision for your brand.

For high-quality social media marketing, you are going to need a unique strategy for each platform. These main elements of your social media strategy vary for all platforms. For example, the dimensions of a graphical post you share on Linked in will be different than the ones you post on Instagram or Twitter. Similarly, the timings vary as well.

Users consume social media at different timings of the day. Also, different people use different social media apps. Their preferences greatly rely on the kind of lifestyle they have, their aspirations, and their occupation. Their occupational structure will also influence the kind of content they consume. These choices do influence the message of your content. But, more so they affect the timing and technicalities of your posts.

This means that if you are posting heavy sound material that contains exactly the content that your audience is likely to consume, but you are posting it to Facebook there may be an issue. The issue that is likely to arise is going to be from the heavy sound. Facebook during work hours is used for scrolling on mute.

While many people will have the sound on mute as a preset, there will be people who do not. If these people scroll during work hours, the sound can become a problem for them. Some may not even return to the video again.

Another example of a misfit post during work timings can be that a video you post contains simple visuals or metaphorical images without subtitles. Several members of your audience will not be able to view these videos in the time frame that they are scrolling and the post is still visible. This is why platform and audience optimization is just as essential as your content and creative strategy for social media marketing.

What determines the best times to post on social media?

Some of the best social media marketing techniques can be found online with adequate research. But, to find the perfect time all you need is experimentation and a little understanding of what your audience is like.

You will be getting the metrics and the analytics to study. This means that tracking the progress of your social media activity is very easy if you do it right.

Here’s what we have established so far.

Social media optimization requires the best timings. These timings will vary from platform to platform. The content, message, visuals, timings, and the audience insights will together influence the results of your campaign or social media marketing strategy.

Now, what determines the time?

The habits of the people. If your audience has free time while they are on the subway, then it should be early morning. But, if your audience is young and late to rise, then you can post around the time when usually school and university classes commence.

It is also important to remember that during COVID-19’s stay at home policies the timetables of every individual have been disturbed and rearranged. The net effect of this can be monitored through experimentation with timings and adjusting them a bit accordingly.

Differences in the best times to post on social media

To Ace Marketing you must be able to find the perfect timing for your brand. But which one is it? Is it 8 am – 10 am for Twitter? But, is it Central Daylight Time, Mountain Daylight Time, Mountain Standard Time, Pacific Daylight Time, Alaska Daylight Time, Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time, or what if a big chunk of your clients or potential market is out of the US?


For Facebook, a good time to post may be in the first half of the workday. This is where the employees are usually the slowest hence they use time-kill apps such as Facebook and Instagram. This may be a passive scrolling time for the audience but you are likely to get a larger reach at this time.


Then for Twitter, a good time maybe the earliest part of the day. This is because several people have started to rely on their subscriptions and Twitter Trends for news updates. People who like to know what is happening in the world around us rely on Twitter a lot. A good time to post and market your page on Twitter can be anywhere from 8 am to 10 am. This time should be set to the Time Zone of the majority of your audience.


For LinkedIn, many people are likely to use it in the middle part of their day. People usually use it as they are between work tasks. They are likely to open LinkedIn after they are done with first Twitter and then Facebook. LinkedIn allows a smooth transition from leisure into their workday.

Several individuals also use LinkedIn to navigate through their workday through leads or B2B updates required for their jobs. A common time to post on LinkedIn is from 10 am to 11 am in your local time zone. When you have a diverse audience that is spread geographically across the country or the region then you can also rely on posting several times of the day.

For Facebook and Instagram, you can do this by posting several story updates throughout the day. You can spread this over the day based on the user activity from different regions. You can track the locational aspect through the metrics available on all platforms including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social media marketing is simple really. Although not as simple as only posting and sharing whatever you feel like. To make use of your content and platform, you must incorporate that best of the best social media marketing techniques into your strategy.

Your industry and its relationship with the best times to post on social media

Another important aspect to bear in mind when posting on social media is the industry that you are a part of and its relationship with the timings. Now if you are a food business, then you should start posting around the time that people order their lunch at. Or a little early so that the post can reach their timelines just in time before they open their apps.

Similarly, if you are a local club or a pub then you should post your promotions and similar posts around the time that people are getting ready to wrap work up or even their classes. The best social media marketing techniques will then be based on their daily routines.

So if you are posting a special discount for students, then make sure that it is being shared at a time where they use social media and that it is not during exam or class timings. Or they can miss it.

Social Bookmarking sites can also help you with your social media marketing. Social media optimization relies on the way you go about your strategy and the theme you want to give to it. If you want the best results then you need to use the strategy you have devised with added care. You must try and then make edits as and where needed. A general rule of thumb is to try a strategy for a month or two weeks minimum and then tweak whatever is not working out for you.

Experimentation is Key

Alternatively, you can also try different strategies within the week through experimentation and see which social media marketing tips work the best or you. The customization is an equally essential part of your strategy just remember if not more.

Get rid of anything that is not working out. Make one change at a time. You must make sure that you are not counting the initial one week in your analytics. This is because it takes a minimum of one week for any Social Media Page to grow or get the desired graph from where the reach and impressions can pick up. Once you do this you will be able to see clearly. Lastly, also make sure that once you have found the perfect combination or time of the day, weekdays, and frequency, you then stick to it.

Being consistent is important. If you are not consistent with your strategy then neither can you track nor can you find the best results? Audiences will only be able to see your posts if you work in-sync with the algorithms that display the posts to them. These algorithms are unique for each platform. You do not need to know everything about these, but just the crux of it. Post regularly, and post without any major or drastic changes to your strategy. This is important to be able to rule out any differences in the results of the analytics. You need to be sure that the changes are not stemming from content policy change while you are adjusting the timings.

Clarity is important too. Try to measure the relationship between your post timings and the impressions. Then figure out the best possible solutions for yourself. Your business deserves your best input. If you have a great product and the digital marketing strategy is not good enough then you must get on it right away. Traditional or conventional marketing is great but it is expensive, you can not track the analytics and it does not work for every product.

Digital marketing can be the perfect solution for any business. Get in touch with it right away and you will never have to worry about finding the audience and getting your brand voice heard.

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