With the rise of technology, the field of marketing has evolved into a convenient and accessible space. Where the concept of ‘Traditional Marketing’ sticks close to the conventional themes and ideals of the corporate world, ‘Digital Marketing’ has bent the rules to accommodate authenticity, creativity and customer satisfaction within the same sphere. There are still multiple traditional marketing approaches lying underneath the tech-savvy persona of online marketing, one of such tools include ‘The Marketing Funnel’.
A digital marketing funnel consists of strategies extensively planned to generate leads, nurture customer experience and promote content circulation. The modern online marketing funnel differs from the one used for traditional marketing because the information is accessible by the buyer in the post-purchase experience. An online marketing funnel consists of the following steps:
1- Awareness
Introduce yourself to the market. Improving your brand’s image to attract attention by displaying unique and purposeful online content will not only boost your brand name but also the vibe people receive from your campaign. Make an impactful first impression by creating a website and using social media platforms to get your name out there.
2- Consideration
3- Purchase
All the previous steps will direct a customer from awareness to action. By now your audience should be hooked on your product and converted into a customer. Develop and seize the interests of clients until they are ready to delve deeper by making a purchase.blog1_img4
4- Retention
Ensure their loyalty by allowing them to know more about your other services and products. This stage is all about strengthening customer relationships and delivering customer satisfaction through proper management and assistance. Keep your customer’s attention using emails and newsletters.
5- Advocacy
Leaving your customers with an impressionable performance will elevate your reputation. They will most likely share their experience with family, friends or colleagues, creating curiosity and acting as a secondary source for your promotion and marketing.