We often come across this question of why digital marketing has become so important over the last few years. This is a basic question and has an equally basic answer. Digital marketing brings your business to the digital media world. The digital world holds a large market for all kinds of businesses. This is one of the main reasons why and how the concept of digital marketing has become so popular and so widely used in the past decade or so.

Let’s take a moment to define the notion of digital marketing. This refers to the practice of promoting, selling, and branding your products or business online using digital platforms via digital media. The practice allows businesses to reshape and rebrand their persona when working online. It can help them in finding, targeting, and converting the right group of people as customers. This is also known as TG or the target group. Finding and tapping into the needs of any brand’s TG was never as simple.

Conventional Marketing

In the past through conventional marketing brands and businesses had to market to large groups of the market to sell their product. They had to showcase and exhibit their product to a wide range of audiences to somehow obtain the results that they required for brands to break even at least.

Digital media has transformed this reality. You can now post an advertisement yourself, share it with people that you want to reach, and then measure your success rate with ease. Monitoring your ad campaigns, marketing results and the variety of things that you can do to market better have become easier than ever before.

This premise leads to an increased desire and interest in digital marketing expenditure for all small to large businesses. You will find very few businesses that choose not to market through digital media. This is because more and more people are now finding it feasible in terms of the ad results and the cheaper rates to invest in digital marketing.

Efficacy of Digital Marketing Vs. Conventional

Effective digital marketing can lead to an enhanced brand experience for the customers. Since now brands can easily customize their marketing strategies to suit the needs of the end-users and show personalized ads for each user separately, the customer experience has changed drastically.

While advertising during the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup still has its value and charm for larger businesses, digital marketing allows an avant-garde approach to be taken. This means that brands can now engage the audience using more price effective ways that are innovative hence attention-catching and attractive for the users. The end-users get higher use value and information or benefits from the marketing process and that eventually helps in returning greater convergence rates for the business.

Popular forms of Digital Marketing

When it comes to the various types of conventional marketing mediums we can only name a few. Perhaps they do not even cover all fingertips of a hand. You can choose from outdoor marketing to multimedia advertisement to print ads perhaps. The scope of marketing as well as the kind of channels that you can run it on is very limited with the conventional tools. When it comes to digital marketing, everything is very detailed and very diverse.

Marketers and business owners can choose from social media marketing or marketing on a single medium such as Facebook marketing. They can choose from search engine marketing through pay per click ads to organic enhancements through search engine optimization. Brands may choose various types of marketing strategies within the broader category of social media marketing or Facebook marketing to be specific. This can be in the form of Facebook advertising, Facebook campaigns, or limited-time Facebook ad campaigns.

Each ad within an ad campaign can have its content, reach, and objectives. The kind of segmentation and targeting you can opt for through these tools is very eloquent and much more effective as compared to traditional marketing methods that greatly relied on trial and error.

Some of the popular forms of digital media marketing include social media, search engines, and email marketing. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Upon inspection, you shall find the unlimited and ever-growing forms of the digital media marketing that can be found.

A great deal of these resources will be free to use. Some will be available for a very small price. Others may be too expensive and too much to afford for smaller brands. However, there is something for everyone in this complex world of digital marketing. We are always here to make your job a little bit easier as an entrepreneur or a marketer.

Since we are on the subject, why not discuss a popular trend in the digital marketing world: Hiring Digital marketing services.

Hiring Digital Marketing Services

You can hire a person to take care of your social media for as cheap as $100 a month. A search engine expert can be found online for something like $400. You can get someone to help you with your email and ad copy for something like $200 a month. Sure, this may seem very cheap for some businesses. But, cheap has its costs.

If you want error-free digital marketing then you can not rely on these beginners who exist primarily on the internet with little or no allegiance to your values or your product. As an up and rising business, you are likely to require an in-depth analysis with high-quality experience in the digital marketing domain to help you utilize the best possible advice and gain the best possible results.

This is something that only comes from a trusted agency. You can find it out for yourself if you can afford to. But, every business has got one shot in the digital media world. You have to do it right.

Social media marketing

Facebook marketing is just one example of what social media marketing entails. There is a whole ecosystem under this broader banner of social media marketing. Just to name a few of the options that you will find in this category:

  • Pinterest marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Online business listings
  • Forum marketing
  • Full experience advertising on Games etc

Within these choices, you can further choose to run paid advertisements or organic campaigns. You can leverage all these tools or select a combination of them that works the best for your brand, industry, or nature of business.

Social media marketing is essential. Your presence on the internet is defined and categorized through it. If you are a retail brand without a presence on Instagram or Facebook then clearly you are losing out on hundreds of leads waiting to be converted. Similarly, if you run a blog or a video channel, and you do not post to Pinterest then there is a lot of traffic that is waiting to be brought to you by you only and the audience does not know it yet.

The problem is that even with all of this information available online you may not be able to convert these platforms into what you may aim to. This is because an entrepreneur or a marketer needs an extra pair of hands or multiple pairs. The desired results can come out of a team with a focused mindset and the right experience to govern the strategy implementation. This can only happen when you let the experts handle the job rather than trying to be a jack of all trades by yourself.

Search Engine Marketing

Furthermore, you can enjoy search engine marketing and optimization perks. This allows your website to rank on top of the search engine of choice. Since an overwhelming majority in the world uses Google, we will go with Google for this example.

When a user who wants to buy what you are selling goes to Google, they expect to see the best possible match for their question on top of the results. Imagine your business is exactly what they are looking for. But, your business website or information is not placed where they need to see it, which is either on the first result page or the top of the results.

Would they stay any longer or scroll enough to find you? More than 70% of people do not even move to the next page of the search results, letting alone the 10th or the 12th page that your business may be showing up when not optimized.

This is why many of your competitors who are doing well on search engines and generating many leads from there have already hired a professional or their team to handle this concern.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook campaigns allow you to do a lot. You can run a series of campaigns with different objectives such as boosting conversions, increasing page reach, and getting more people to like your page. You can also use these campaigns to create engagements with the public with your brand strengthening customer relationships.

A similar range of objectives is available with Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can use these platforms to get the results you crave. This is one of the top key reasons why the digital marketing industry has become such a fast-growing one over the past couple of years.


Digital marketing is swift, smart, and selective. You can select your audiences. The audience response can be monitored through analytics and smart tools. There can be a greater level of automation and content creation opportunities with digital media marketing tools and supplements. The marketing process can be customized as per the audience and each segment within the audience. You can allow a deeper segmentation of the audience.

The results can be optimized over time through close monitoring of your ad campaigns and content strategy. All of these factors together contribute to improved and effective marketing efforts.

As and when you are ready to give these digital marketing platforms and services a try, you can contact us or one of our experts on the contact page. We will be more than happy to accommodate you and help you grow your business in the most optimal way forward.